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Pork Ong Choi Bento

I weigh in today but I probably gained this week due to eating out last last Friday, last Sunday, Wednesday, Friday, and yesterday. Evil, evil week!! So this week I’m going to try hard to concentrate on pure Core lunches. The bentochallenge this week is Pirates and that’s a tough one, so I’ll probably have to debate that one all week before deciding on something.

Last night I made pork with ong choi, which is very easy and all Core. I slice some lean boneless pork chops into thin strips (all fat removed) and marinate in a little soy sauce. Fried it in olive oil then removed it from the pot. Next I cooked some minced garlic in more olive oil and added the ong choi, which I chop into shortish sticks lengths. Added the meat, then some oyster sauce to taste and it’s done! I had to take my lunch portion as soon as I was done cooking so that I could take the picture immediately because it cooks as it sits and goes from a nice green to a dark brown. Even green though, it probably doesn’t look too great, but it tastes good! My mom got the recipe from some swap meat vendor selling ong choi and I added in the pork eventually after eating it at a Chinese restaurant.


My bottom layer is my “pupu” (pronounced poo-poo, meaning appetizer) layer with cucumber kim chee, edamame, and ahi shoyu poke.


I packed a second bento made of all fruits in the top dish of my Doggie Woogie set. It has raspberries, blackberries, watermelon, and tuscan melon.


I’ve been flaking out on logging my points this week because of the eating out and such, so this week it’s back to strict points tallying and more Core meals! I’ll doubly challenge myself and try to come up with an all Core pirate bento. Arrr!!