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Corned Beef Hash Bento

I made just a small bento this morning because I fell asleep last night while watching The Good Shepherd and didn’t have much time to make a bigger one. We had curry last night plus corned beef hash. I’m a real sucker for corned beef hash so I chose that for lunch. I’d washed my two bento boxes at MIL’s house and put my lunch portion into the Doggie Woogie container to arrange later. I woke up this morning and saw the Doggie Woogie box on the stove and thought, AUGH!, then sheepishly removed the empty Putifresh box from the fridge. I’d put away the wrong box… Since it was rather cool last night I decided to risk eating it anyway.


I cut the patty in half and added some sesame seeds and an ume to the rice. For color and filler, I added takuan cradled in a little pocket of aluminum foil then put a piggy bottle with ketchup in for the hash. That pig was pretty hard to fill with ketchup and I wasted quite a bit before deciding to use my sunflower bottle filler for it. The key was to open a new bottle of fresh ketchup because the old one in the fridge was too thick to suck up into it!