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Zebra Bento and Countdown

Today I have made an entry for bentochallenge! The theme this week is “Favorite Song” and although I don’t have any one single favorite song, this one that I did is definitely high up there. The sandwich the zebra rests on is a turkey and avocado sandwich on Roman Meal Honey Oat bread, so that will count as 3 points. (since I cut off the crusts) The zebra is made out of Swiss cheese and nori cutouts. I’m quite proud of him as I did all the cutting freehand. No printouts this time! His eyes and nostrils are made out of black sesame seeds.


He’s wearing a red bell pepper sweater. I wasn’t sure this would be clear so that’s why I added in the yellow zig zag. At the top are the letters HELLO carved out of bell peppers as well. This word is part of the hint to the song, so pay attention to that too!

On the right side I put a KCCA salad for Mr. Zebra to eat. A close up view:


And now for the answer:

Take a guess!

Mr. Zebra by Tori Amos


Hello Mr. Zebra
Can I have you sweater
Cause it’s cold cold cold
In my hole hole hole
Ratatouille Strychnine
Sometimes she’s a friend of mine
With a gigantic whirlpool
That will blow your mind

Hello Mr. Zebra
Ran into some confusion with a Mrs. Crocodile
Furry mussels marching on
She thinks she’s Kaiser Wilhelm
Or a civiliaes syllabub
To blow your mind
Figure it out
She’s a goodtime fella
She got a little fund to fight for Moneypenny’s rights
Figure it out
She’s a goodtime fella
Too bad the burial was premature she said
And smiled

So you see, he’s Mr. Zebra and he’s wearing a sweater which Ms. Amos wants. 😀

If you’ve never heard the song of course you’ll think I’m nutters for liking it and that Tori Amos is clearly singing more than two bricks short of a full load, but if you listen to it, it’s a really cute and chipper song. It’s very short and is old school Tori back when she still sang with only her piano.

Yet another reason why I am mental, I dragged the family to Don Quijote (formerly Daiei, formerly Holiday Mart) to look for good items to use in my bento #100, which I thought was going to be today’s one. Well lucky thing I came home and triple counted my bentos cause this is actually bento #96! Oh well… the things I bought should hold up fine until then. But from today I will do a countdown. Three actually.

Bento Countdown to 100: 4!
Days until UH Football: 9!
Days until UFC 74: 2!

Granted, our opening game is like the joke of all college football but hey, I’m still excited to see Colt throwing again and to see how the team is shaping up this year. A game against a seriously outmatched underdog makes me worry a lot less than opening against Alabama like last year. So, this is at the very least good for my nerves. I’m still nervous since losing to this team would ruin everything, but it’s just a little teeny nervousness. What I am nervous about is our season tickets. Where the hell are they??

And yes, we’re having another UFC party this weekend, so I’ll have to watch what I eat tomorrow because I know I’ll probably end up overeating Saturday night.

One last thing, a friend from Allakhazam is a finalist on Hunt for the Hunter so that she can be a guest star on the Sci-Fi show Ghost Hunters. Please vote for her! She is the first video displayed, Brittany Beaulac!