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Fried Ahi Poke Bento

Note to self: a whole pound of ahi poke is too much, so don’t buy a whole tub from the seafood section just because the deli is closed! With my poke fast approaching the point of tossage, I had to use it all up, so I decided to try fried poke for the first time. Even though I’d used this in two previous bentos, it was still way too much so I ate a couple pieces then gave the rest to Mr. Pikko, who said it smelled awesome.

Ahi Poke Bento

I fried it with olive oil, but it soon became apparent that this particular poke had oil already in it because there was a lot more oil than what I’d put in. So I looked up some recipes and LO AND BEHOLD an ingredient is sesame oil. WTH! Luckily most recipes I saw call for 1 Tbsp of it for 1-2 lbs of fish. So though a tablespoon of sesame oil is 4 points, I doubt I was eating much during each meal with the portion I took. Maybe 1/2 a teaspoon or so, which comes out to about .5 points. The ingredients listed were: ahi, nut, wheat, soy.


Anyway, I stuck in more lomi salmon cause the hugeass bottle that I bought from Costco says I have to eat it by June 4th. In the middle is, durr, asparagus, fried with Pam and onion powder. I also packed some miso soup, which I will eat with the somen noodles that didn’t get any love yesterday. I figure eating it with miso soup is better than eating it with a salty, sugary sauce.

On the exercise front, I’ve decided to always do the additional stairclimbing that I implemented this week. (i.e. yesterday *sheepish face*) I’ve always had thunder thighs and after the two kids they were upgraded to Category 5 Hurricane thighs, so this will hopefully put me on the path to once again being able to stand without thighs that nudge each other.

By the way, it appears that last night I got my 2000th hit! Thanks are in order for my readers! May the bento bug bite you!