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Heart-y Hamburger Stew Bento

One of my favorite things to cook and eat is hamburger stew. I like regular beef stew too but there’s just something about hamburger stew that I just love. Zippy’s makes a pretty good hamburger curry too, though I’ve only had the pleasure of eating it a couple of times.

Stew doesn’t really make for very good bento looking food, so I jazzed up my rice instead. If you’re a little perplexed as to why I’d eat rice with my stew, that’s what we eat stew with in Hawaii. “Stew rice” is what we call it, so original no? Or maybe I’m just a big dodo head and everyone eats stew with rice and I just didn’t know about it.

Hearty Hamburger Stew

I shaped my rice into two onigiri hearts to make me some “hearty” beef stew. Get it? Har har! The only ingredient in this stew that would cost points is the flour used to thicken it (and the rice obviously, but that’s on the side). I don’t count the hamburger because I used extra lean and WW counts extra lean hamburger as a Core food. How nice is that? So anyway, this is approximately a 3 point meal or so. There’s no way I can finish all that stew in one sitting, so I’ll probably split it into two smaller lunches to last me all day. I also packed cherries and strawberries, which I did not photo.

I weighed in at 132.2 yesterday and 132.0 this morning, which means my weight loss has hit 18 pounds!!! ^_^ I’d say 2.5 lbs weight loss in one week means I’m pretty good at staying on Core even without using the WW planner! All I do is give myself 5 points a day and that seems to work great.

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  • Connie

    Cute! I need to get some of those molds.

  • paperdollsuicidepact

    did you just make regular onigri rice or did you change the recipe around at all for this? I use brown short-grain and have problems getting it to stay “bound” in a shape for this like this where it has to stay in a liquid…

  • Pikko

    I just cooked regular short grain white rice for this. Brown is a lot drier so I’d imagine it would have a hard time keeping any shape.

  • Papaya

    Oooh, I can’t wait to get home and eat Chili Rice – only who KNOWS the points value of that!!!

  • Hisaye

    You don’t suppose you could give the recipe? My mom makes a mean beef stew but it’s chucks are too big for my bento and little chucks just don’t cut it (it’s not mom’s beef stew without mighty chucks of veggies and meat, yaknowwaddimean?)
    Also, it may be a Hawaiian/Japanese thing but my whole Japanese family has potatoes already in the recipe but then put it on top of rice. Carb-overlaod i know, but it’s just wonderful.
    Don’t try to sub potato/rice with mashed potato… it’s not the same and never will be! :X

  • Hi Hisaye,

    I don’t really have a recipe as I tend to just throw ingredients in, but here’s a basic outline:

    1 lb hamburger
    1 can diced tomatoes
    2 cans tomato sauce
    potatoes (I love using new)

    Brown the hamburger, then add the tomatoes and tomato sauce. Fill all the cans up with water and add that in. My mother in law adds beef broth, but I’m the kind of ditzy cook that always forgets to restock her pantry, so I use water. Add the carrots and potatoes, simmer on low til cooked through, then add a flour/water or cornstarch/water mixture to your desired thickness.

    If you want to cut your veggies into cute shapes, make sure your pieces are big chunks. When the stew is done, take the chunks out, rinse them off, slice them, and use the veggie cutters to make shapes. When adding it to your bento box, put the scraps on the bottom, add the stew, then top with your pretty veggies.

    By the way, I cannot eat stew without rice. I just can’t! 🙂

  • I forgot to add, season with salt and pepper to your taste! Don’t overseason! After you add salt and pepper, let it sit for like 10 minutes then taste again, adding more if necessary then. 🙂