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Crab Stuffed Ahi Rolls

Well the in-laws have been dropped off and I made it down to Monarch with a ragingly mad stomach. I miraculously found parking right out front and ordered my favorite: Nori Wrapped Crab Stuffed Ahi. They normally drizzle it with a wasabi sauce but since I hate wasabi, I ordered without. Got my order in just a couple mins as I guess they have them already fried and just slice them up for the lunch rush. I was in such a hurry to get home to eat it I decided to go back out later for my errands. Anyway, pic:


I looked at it several times while at stop lights because I was so hungry and then when I got home I was struck by a maddening thought. I had no bento today. I bought my lunch. So what did I do?

I busted out a bento box and put the food in there to eat.

OMG! I know! Totally mental… I think I’ve just gotten so used to eating my lunch in a nice box that I just have a hard time eating from a styrofoam box. Anyway, here it is all snuggled into my sakura lacquer box:


I’m not counting this as one of my bentos and I’m certainly not counting the points as I’m writing this off as a monthly lunch splurge, though in truth the only points would come from the panko, the mayo in the crab stuffing, and the oil it was fried in. I didn’t eat it all. I ate barely 1/4 the rice and there’s still one piece left in the box. Still, it was a lot of food. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go flop down and die on the couch from overeating or go walk it off. Cross your fingers I end up doing the latter.