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Grilled Opakapaka (229)

We had a pretty productive weekend in that we actually got our four lazy asses out of the house and into the *gasp* sun. Us gamers tend to forget what that big blazing ball of heat is unless we get out once in a while, so it was nice to refresh our memories. This past Saturday was the Walk Now for Autism and since my brother-in-law to be was going to be volunteering and the in-laws were watching my nephew down there, we decided to go to say hi and then go to the beach at Magic Island. Had we been better prepared we’d have registered for the walk but being the mediocre supporters we are, we forgot to wear shoes and bring strollers for our cranky kids. So in the end, this turned into a simple trip to the beach.

We headed to the Magic Island beach area only to find out the place was riddled with tons of rocks, which really sucks since that was a really kickass place to swim before. We ended up moving to Ala Moana beach, which was surprisingly uncrowded. I couldn’t go swimming for some monthly girly reason so I placed upon myself the task of digging the kids a large swimming pit. While at Windward Mall last weekend I bought two shovels for them and these came in pretty darn useful. I’m digging away, feeling all useful when suddenly this fist-sized crab jumps out of the sand and attacks me. I shrieked and jumped out and I guess he was pretty pissed at me for digging him out because he proceeded to fart in my little pond. Next time I eat him! I got burnt. And I learned that even if you’re not swimming, you should wear a suit instead of a bra.

For Father’s Day dinner, we went to Monterey Bay Canners. I don’t think I want to go back. Now that I think back, my last experience there wasn’t great either. They’re lucky these holidays only come around once a year and that we forget about our last time. For one, Baby Girl’s “chicken tenders” dinner came and it was basically little nuggets of batter like the popcorn chicken that KFC used to serve. My nephew had the same dish and his plate had two nice chicken breast strips. Her fries were obviously bottom of the barrell too, so I complained and she got a completely new dinner. They didn’t bring us dinner rolls until we were starving and stealing food from the kids and even then the server asked us if we wanted any. Who does that?

My food, unlike last time, was thankfully not drenched in a rich cream sauce (Grilled Opakapaka instead of Crab Stuffed Opakapaka). It took forever to get our food. My BIL’s mashed potatoes were refrigerator cold. My fish was ok though and I got two pieces, meaning one made it into today’s lunch. The white string beans were cool! I don’t think I’ve seen this in the supermarkets before.

I added furikake to the rice and cut the beans in half to get them into the box. I added a wedge of cheese and some grapes for snacks. The grapes are in a food cup because I didn’t want my grapes to taste like fish. This is one of my absolute favorite fishes to eat but this stuff is seriously stink.

Thanks to everyone who has voted in my poll so far! Keep spreading the word to come vote! You can easily see the contest entries at the top menu bar.

Today was Buddy’s first day of preschool. *sniff sniff* You could tell who the real babies were. He’s all running around the room excitedly, playing with things, telling kids hi. Mommy and Daddy are lingering at the door, “One more hug, Buddy…” “Bye Buddy….” “Be good, Buddy….” We’ll see how it goes tomorrow. Heh.