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Smoked Salmon Bento (429)

I still haven’t joined Weight Watchers again, as the stingy part of me is saying I can do it on my own. I mean, it is true that I can, I just need the right motivation. When I weighed myself yesterday morning I was 148, but this morning I was 146, so my weight is pingponging all over the place and I don’t really know which is more accurate. However, in the name of encouragement, let’s just say that I somehow managed to lose 2 pounds on my healthier eating kick after one day! Woot!

Smoked Salmon Bento

Today’s bento is made up of tons of healthy and fresh foods, mostly odds and ends that I had in my fridge. I had no plan waking up and didn’t even remember I had the smoked salmon until I poked around wondering what the heck I was going to eat today. This took me 30 minutes to cook and put together. As I always say though, planned bentos take MUCH less time than on-the-fly ones.

I started off by cutting a big hunk of the smoked salmon (a gift from my sister-in-law) and then cut that into three pieces. I wrapped it in the last pieces of my green leaf lettuce and placed a kitty cat food divider over it to keep the meat separated. I cooked one egg seasoned with a bit of salt (too lazy to add dashi) in my tamagoyaki pan and covered it with nori before rolling it up to get the black coil inside.

Smoked Salmon Bento Close

This type of egg roll is one of my favorites, as the yellow and black contrast so well and really make things pop. With just one egg, this only took me a few minutes to make.

Next, I added the leftover sweet potato from yesterday, a wedge of corn, and slices of avocado. I tucked sugar snap peas into the open areas, then grated half a carrot for a tiny carrot salad. I skewered three grape tomatoes with ribbon picks and added them to the box, along with three orange slices. One of the tomatoes is wrapped in little lettuce leaves.

Tiny Carrot Salad

If you’re following me on Twitter, you may have seen that this morning I was using a grater and took some flesh off my pinky. I know, ewww! It’s just a tiny speck of skin, but it’s possibly in this carrot salad. I wasn’t about to grate more carrot and possibly do it again, though.

My apologies for all the broken things on the blog since last night. I totally messed everything up with some code and hopefully now things are restored. My block of 125×125 ads are now back and I’ve now added a “Themes” category to the drop down menu. This won’t be fully functional until the category cleanup is done, though. I hope to have this done by the end of the month, but I also have to build the Yum-Yum Bento Box site, so I don’t know if that’s even possible.

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  • kat

    the blog looks nice!

  • someone

    I realize you posted that you’re re-doing your site, so I hope this is just a temporary issue, but I’m only seeing article summaries in the rss feed. I read via rss for a reason, and I don’t bother with blogs that force me to the site by limiting content. Do you plan on restoring content to rss?

  • Thank you Kat!

  • That was actually unintentional and I wasn’t sure what it did. I was trying to set the amount of teasers that show up on the front as I changed the features to display only one, so the teasers had a little hanging post. Thanks for letting me know! I set it back to what it was.

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  • leslie

    I just wanted to say that the new site, Bento Central, is fantastic! I spent a few hours on it my very first visit. How do you find time to do all of this? You have amazing energy! Can’t wait for the Yum Yum Bento Box site too!

    I think your smoked salmon bento is beautiful! So many gorgeous colors! I really envy you having purple sweet potatoes. I remember how delicious they were in Okinawa. Can’t find the sweet ones here in Nebraska. I taught my son to roll sushi last year..using strips of tamagoyaki for a filling. He liked it so much, he taught a friend! I like the idea of rolling it without rice! I’m going to try that 🙂

    Sorry about your pinky finger. Hope it didn’t hurt too much 🙁 Rest assured that you are in good company… most of us have done that at some point or another!

  • this smoked salmon looks so yummy! when i first saw it, i thought you might have smoked it when you smoked that giant turkey… i would have been crazy impressed. this is still impressive, though! 🙂 your tamagoyaki rolls always come out 1000x more perfect than mine, i’m *still* jealous of your pretty purple potatoes, and sigh, i want the ribbon picks too. you rule pikko!

  • What should I say? It’s almost everything said from my dear bento colleagues who posted before me ^–^ But I will say it again:
    Your bento is beautiful =) I like how everything is nicely put together. How you used the salad with the tiny tomato 😉 Your egg rolls are great! Wished I had a tamagoyaki pan, too.
    Sorry about your finger tip! Hope it’s not to bad, and you won’t find your skin while eating your carrot salad ^^”

  • Sounds like you have made a good start to the healthy eating! My weight pings around a lot, I use this nifty gadget to stop me getting too depressed when it pings in the wrong direction:

    The bento is lovely!

  • Wow, a few hours?? LOL! It doesn’t even have a quarter of the content I want to have on it either! That’s great news. I can’t wait until it’s really populated so that newcomers to the site can just have a slew of information to pick through.

  • LOL! No, no, I’m not that ambitious or efficient.

    If your tamagoyaki rolls aren’t coming out good, don’t worry, if I’m any indication, it just takes practice and a lot of swearing at eggs.

  • Lovely bentou, as always! It’s really colourful! I’ve never tried tamagoyaki with nori, hm, I’ll definitely have to try that one day! 😀

    And I’m sorry about your pinky! That has happened to me before as well, and it hurts like hell :/

    And yeah, hope you won’t find the skin bit when you’re eating 😛

  • Hi, I’ve just awarded you the Happy 101 blog award – please stop by my blog if you’d like to pick it up!

  • The tamagoyaki pan that I have is so great, but it’s now out of stock on Amazon, otherwise I’d link you to it!

  • Whoa, that’s really cool! Thanks Lexi!

  • I sure felt like a wimp with everyone being like, “Oh you poor thing!” lol It wasn’t very much, but you’re right, it did hurt like hell!

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