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Turkey Croquette Bento

Last night we had my niece’s top choice for dinner, turkey croquette. It’s something relatively new on my MIL’s menu, popping up maybe 1-2 years ago. It’s very yummy! I think she puts oyster sauce or something in it, whatever it is, there’s no need for ketchup or any other kind of condiment unlike corned beef hash. Since it consists of potatoes, ground turkey, and panko, I count this patty as just one point for the panko.


I took this all in one photo because I knew it would turn out bad and I didn’t want to have two shameful pictures to display today. Lately whenever I take pictures in a yellow bento box or a pink bento box the picture looks really bad. Not sure what I’m doing different as my Princess Bonbon bento and Fried Ahi Poke pictures came out great.

I cut up the patty to display it better and made an onigiri bear with a mold that my Aunty K sent to me. (thank you!) I laid half a red bell pepper on top of it for color and veggies. In the bottom layer I have 1/4 an egg salad sandwich. I made this because I had the boiled egg leftover from yesterday’s bento (which only contained 2 slices of egg). I had a whole 1/2 sandwich, but the kids saw me making it and busted out the protest signs until I gave them each a piece. Still, it worked out as I was able to put in more veggies and some green grapes we bought at Costco.

Speaking of Costco, I dunno if people have noticed this, but almost everything there is about $2 more expensive than it used to be. The romaine lettuce that used to be $3.49 is now $5.49, the bell peppers which used to be $4.99 is now $6.99, the milk which used to be $3.79 is now $4.99, the Honey Bunches of Oats looks like a smaller box, used to be $4.59 is now $6.49, etc. The prices on tons of things are going way up so be sure to be careful what you are buying there now as it’s definitely NOT the price bargain place it used to be. I’ve only noticed this in the last month or so, but it sucks nonetheless.

Anyway, overall the lunch I count as 4 points. 1 for the panko, 2 for the onigiri, and 1 for the bread (half a slice). I have some Miracle Whip Light in the egg salad but it’s so little bit it wouldn’t add up to anything at all. (about 1/2 tsp)