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Eggy Lunch (239)

I went to eat lunch at Paesano in Manoa Marketplace yesterday, which was a nice surprise for me as I hadn’t really given that place more than a couple of glances in the past. The outside doesn’t look very impressive but the inside was very upscale and not what I was expecting at all. It was a pretty pricey lunch, my share with tip came out to 17 bucks, but since I bring a bento every day, buying lunch once in a while is okay I guess. I’ll have to put a hold on the next one for a while with that price tag though!


I really need to come up with some cheap light source for my photos. I notice my bottom half of my photos usually have a dark shadow and it drives me nuts.

Today I have an all egg and veggie bento. I boiled two eggs and used my fish and bear eggs molds to shape them. I didn’t boil the eggs long enough because the shell kept sticking to the whites and I ended up with funky looking fish and a bear with pock marks. I dyed the fish orange, though you can’t really see the color in the photo. I did this to make him a salmon for my brown bear to catch and eat! I do realize, of course, that salmon are not orange on the outside, but who wants to see a silver boiled egg? How do I even make a silver boiled egg?? lol

Next to them I have sliced bell peppers, cucumber flowers, and baby carrot sticks. I fried three stalks of asparagus in olive oil and garlic salt, then fried some sliced eggplant in the leftover oil from that. I will definitely have to make more eggplant tomorrow because with soy sauce, that eggplant was REALLY good. I love to eat the round eggplant fried in flour and egg, but this tasted similar but without the batting! Expect to see this pop up more often in my boxes! Finally I have avocado, which had a lot of string, so I didn’t really care for it.

I keep forgetting to go to bon dances! It totally kills me! I usually remember on Sunday morning. Argh!! According to the schedule, this weekend in Waipahu Hongwanji. We went to this one last year and had a lot of fun, so I definitely want to go again. Let’s hope I remember!!!

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  • Tammy

    I have been reading your blog for about a month now and love reading it 🙂 My daughter packs he rown bentos lunches (she loves cooking) during the school year. I would if I didn’t work from home, so I have taken to sort of packing them for my hubby – though he doesn’t really want Asia for lunch, so it has been salads on one level and usually doritos, mac salad, a boiled egg or two (one has to be car shaped as he works with Auto dealerships – lol). Maybe tomorrow when I pack Friday’s, I’ll try coloring the egg(s) 🙂 Thanks for your blog!

  • On the lighting front….If I can’t take a picture in front of a window in the morning, I use a desk lamp with a daylight bulb. If you have a hardware store nearby that sells compact flourescent bulbs, purchase one with a daylight spectrum. Gives you a bit better color than a regular lightbulb and is an easy lighting fix. Hope that helps.

  • About the lighting, I think Jenn’s suggestion is good. I take indoor photos with a regular incandescent bulb in a desk lamp (the kind that moves with springs and clamps to a desk) and even on more basic digital cameras you can often the white balance to “incandescent”.

  • Hey Pikko,

    Here’s a cheapy lighting trick. Since your shadow is the cause of the darkness, get a smooth white sheet of paper or white flat object (8.5×11 laser printing paper works, paper towel not so much) and put the sheet of paper in front of yourself and angle it so it faces the light source and allows the light source to reflect its lighting off the paper and onto the bento. Pro photogs use the white screens and/or umbrellas. This is the same idea, its diffusing the light for a more even and natural look while giving more illumination to the object. Hope this works for you.

  • kastinkerbell

    I followed this: It works really well. The only problem is that it takes up some space. I store it on top of a cabinet when it’s not in use.

  • This post reminds me that I need to get back on my egg pressing duties! I have the same problems with the dark shadow too, so if you do come up with something for that…please share? 🙂

  • MomNmore

    Hiya Pikko,
    About the boiled egg…fresh eggs seem to do that..they don’t release the shell. I try to use eggs that have been in my fridge a week or two. Costco seems to have the freshest eggs and thus I need to keep those in my fridge the longest to get a good hardboiled egg from them.

  • Pikko

    Hi Tammy!

    Thanks for reading!! I love to hear about people trying bento for themselves. 🙂

  • Pikko

    Thank you to everyone who gave me suggestions for lighting but especially to kastinkerbell. I followed that guide and though Home Depot was out of the work lights (I only found one) I was able to construct a smaller version of the lightbox. Hopefully once I get the second lamp my lighting woes will be over!

    MomNmore: I’ve had these eggs in the fridge for a while actually. I think I just need to boil them a bit longer, that seems to have worked in the past, but I was in a rush that morning so didn’t boil them for very long!

  • You are really an expert in making beautiful bento! I wish I am as detailed as you… 🙂

  • Megan

    I love your blog! Where did you find your egg molds? They’re hilarious and adorable. Thank you.

  • I think its perfect. But my opinion is still you need to think on your comment.

  • Pikko

    Think on my comment?

  • I agreed with you