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Starry Bento

This morning as I was watering the plants, I was ecstatic to find two string beans growing on Baby Girl’s plant!!! We’re so thrilled!! Even though I know she doesn’t like green beans, she’s very excited about giving them to Grandma to cook for her dinner. I’ll post a garden update tomorrow. The watermelon plant is doing awesome too. My tomatoes are unfortunately quite sickly and yellow. Damned leafminers. Grr!!

My friend went to Japan last month and I’d asked him to keep an eye out for these cute nori punches I wanted from eBay. The shipping was something stupid, like $16. A cheapy girl like me is incapable of paying so much shipping!!! Anyway, he and his girlfriend brought it by the other day and he gave it to me as a gift. Infinite thanks to you Shawn!!! Even more awesome, turns out his girlfriend is into bento too. I’ve used it in today’s bento and I totally love it already!! This will be sooo valuable for making kids bentos! As I mentioned earlier this week, the bento challenge theme is “stars”. So without further ado, my starry bento:


Two onigiri with the nori punch faces plus two meatballs to go with it, pierced with a starfish food pick. In the green cup I have some sanbaizuke pickles. Off to the side are star shaped sweet potato and bell peppers. I had to put the bell peppers because the purple stars were real hard to see, plus I wanted more color.

Someone commented in a previous post that the Aidell’s meatballs are very salty. I do agree they’re quite spicy and rather salty, but I’m one that puts soy sauce on plain rice and chucks salt on my food like crazy, so I apologize if I’ve caused people to try something with too much sodium! I’ve still got buttloads of meatballs to use up, so expect to see meatball bentos for a while! My deadline to use them is July 9.

I’m back down to 130.8 as of this morning, so this 4 point lunch should be ok. Can I break the 130 barrier this weekend??