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June Garden Update

I meant to post this yesterday, but ended up going shopping for clothes with Baby Girl. When I woke up yesterday I’d done what I’d once never thought possible, I broke through 130 lbs!! As of this morning I weighed 129.2 lbs! Since I am going to the Anime Expo in Long Beach, I needed new clothes anyway. Pretty much all of my pants are falling off my waist and my dress shirts make me look like I’m wearing a small tent. This is all ok when all I do is sit in my freezing cubicle wearing a really oversized hoodie, but very different when I’m going to be covering an event where there’s, you know, people.

Much to my dismay, I actually fit into a size 4 pants from my favorite store. The clerk commented, “I wish I was a size 4. Maybe in my next life.” I was about to tell her that 4 months ago I was closing in on size 14, but the look on her face made me unsure of whether she wanted to hear that. We’re going to the zoo today, so I’m going to be too busy packing lunch for us to take the pictures I wanted to. I’ll probably get hubby to take some at the zoo.

Here are the garden pictures:

Our 2 beans!

My poor, sick tomatoes:

Tomatoes up close:

The watermelons:

Here’s a picture of a bug I saw on the beans. I don’t think it’s necessarily the leafminer as the pictures on the internet look very different, but that’s what I see on our plants.


We have 4 teeeeeny tiny watermelons like this one:

Baby Watermelon

They’re like 1/2 cm long, that’s how small they are!! I’m so excited though!! 🙂