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Teri Chicken Bento

My plans for a soup and salad lunch were nixed when I stepped on the scale this morning and found that I’d lost almost 2 whole pounds overnight. Hooray for increased metabolism! That’ll teach me to shovel rice into my mouth like crazy! Or wait, that makes no sense. Haha! I <3 and miss rice.


I made teriyaki chicken last night and we had a lot of leftovers so I froze 3 portions and took some for lunch today. The rice really isn’t much because these musubi are so small, so I’ll count it as 1 point. I’d count it as two if I’d packed more rice in, but I didn’t so there! My veggie layer:


Foodland was finally stocking cucumber kim chee that didn’t look brownish, so I bought some. Most of the time I go and it doesn’t look so good and the cover is bulging up and ready to pop. Eww! The corn is from those Steam Fresh packets that you microwave. I love that brand! I brought along cherries, grapes, and a KCCA salad as well. The only thing counting for points today is the rice, so that keeps me nicely on track. My friend’s wedding has been pushed back to May, so I now have a whole 11 months to lose those last 10 pounds. The pressure is officially off, haha!