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Pot Roast Pork Bento

I had wanted to do a Harry Potter bento for bentochallenge but I just haven’t felt the inspiration and last night I was bummed out over something so I ended up just watching King Kong and doing my bento this morning. I am definitely getting better at that by the way. We still end up late, but not as bad as before. Yay?

Pot Roast Pork Bento

This is some pot roast pork leftover from dinner last night along with a bit of rice, some poke, and green beans. 3 points for this lunch: 1 for the rice and 2 for the meat since I couldn’t get all the fat to come off.

My bottom layer is here:

Edamame and Tofu

This tier has tofu cubes and some shelled edamame. The last time I had tofu cubes my buddy Exodus made a comment, “Oh, tofu cubes, neat. What’s it made of?” LOL! You crack me up, cheese man! I’m not really feeling all that wordy today, so I’m just postin’ the lunch and gonna hele on out to frolic on the internets while I do work.

Hopefully I’ll have bon dance and garden pics this weekend!

Pikko’s Docubentory: this lunch uses Bento Box #001.