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Tuna with Celery Bento

I hate to cause heart attacks for people who come here every day looking to drool over yummy looking bentos, but I’ve been having a craving lately for tuna fish and celery sticks, so that’s what’s for lunch today. It’s mixed up with some Miracle Whip Light, black pepper, and sweet onion then topped with parsley and bell peppers.


People allergic to veggies may want to look away right now, for here is a layer consisting solely of celery sticks. Eeeee! The other layer has a piece of toast sliced into little strips.

This is for my vegetable soup that I brought to eat. It’s just boring ole’ Campbell’s alphabet soup, but sometimes you just want to eat something. I brought my red soup Tupperware and will heat it up in that.


Inside the little Hello Kitty container is some peanut butter, which I intend to use on the bread and some of the other celery sticks. I brought extras because really, that’s a whole lot of tuna! As you can see, I packed up one of Baby Girl’s little toy knives to spread the peanut butter around. It fit into the cover perfectly! I even added in a small handful of Honey Nut Cheerios. Quite a handy box! I got this one at Marukai in LA.


The box was actually plain white on the front, but it was pretty boring so I went and I fished out some of my old Korean Morning Glory stickers. I found three that I liked and tacked them on. Looks much better if you ask me!!