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Tonkatsu w/ Chicken Salad Bento

The preschool drop-off today went ok with no tears while we were there! Whew! We’ll see how things are tomorrow when she has to go back, heh.

Tonkatsu Bento

Today for lunch I have leftover tonkatsu along with furikake rice, veggies in the food cup I mentioned above, sliced fishcake, and romaine lettuce with cukes, tomatoes, and rotisserie chicken. I count this as 3 points: 1 for rice (since it’s mixed w/ brown), 1 for the flour on the tonkatsu (fried in olive oil, pork and egg are Core), and 1 for the fishcake. I’m just guessing on the flour though. I figure it’s better to overestimate. Inside the little thermos bottle is some Catalina Free salad dressing, also Core.

Lunch is packed in a new bento box that I found at Price Busters. They had the same box in three colors so of course I had to get them all…

Pink Hello Kitty Bento Box

They each have different pictures and at $1.99 I can’t resist. And bonus, they all have food dividers! I love boxes that come with those! 😀 I’ve found that most of these really cheap boxes are old ones as the copyright date is around 2003 or so. But I don’t care if they’re from the 90s. If it’s cheap, I’m there!

Today is August 1st, which marks 1 month until what will be the greatest season in UH Football history. Can. Not. Wait.

As I mentioned yesterday, with 10k I wanted to reward myself so I went to Marukai. Mr. Pikko had taken the day off and I had a splitting headache by afternoon so I left about an hour early. Of course, headaches at work suck but headaches while shopping for bento things suck a bit less, so I went anyway. The only bad part about it was that while I was in the dollar store they had this horrifying music playing on their telephone speakers throughout the store. It did not help my pounding head.

Still, I found some great accessories! There were no new boxes and as usual the place looked like a ransacked trinket store, but I got a lot of cute paper food cups, some cute seafood food dividers, some animal food cups with covers, and some other animal food cups (which I have used today). I bought two of the plastic animal food cups thinking I could sell one but then later I discovered that the two packages, though identical in shapes and animals, had different colors for different shapes (meaning the triangle one was blue in one and green in another) so of course I had to keep both. Haha! I picked up a couple other things to sell as well. I hope to have a PayPal cart of extra items up soon, keep an eye out for that if you’re looking to get started!

When I was up in LA my cousin and I were joking around about how we’d buy Marukai subscriptions and then by the next time we go back, it’s been well over a year and the subscription is expired so basically we pay $10 a year to shop there once. Well, I am determined to change that! After the dollar store I stopped by the Marketplace next door and picked up a few things. One of the things I was excited to get was what I’ve seen called “kewpie mayo” on several other blogs. It was a bit hard to find and was labeled “QP Mayo” instead, but I finally have one in stock at home!

I also bought two packets of noodles to make “Ebi Curry Spaghetti”. Once I buy me some shrimp I will have to try that. The calorie/fat info on the back was surprisingly low! It was a bit odd. I couldn’t find the front door for some reason. There was only one door that said EXIT EXIT EXIT DO NOT ENTER all over it. Finally it ended up being all the way down where it looked like a different store. And then when I checked out, they didn’t bag my stuff, just put it back into a basket and shoved the bags in there! I didn’t mind, it was just odd since I didn’t know that’s how they do it!