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Turkey Croquette Bento

If you haven’t entered my drawing for the Zojirushi Mr. Bento thermal lunch jar yet, you still have lots of time!

Here’s the bento I had today, but forgot at home! I used a bamboo steamer I bought from J-List. It’s technically not a bento box, but when you’re as bento nuts as me, you really don’t care.

Since the bottom has strips of open space, I lined the bottom with some foil and then with saran wrap. I have in here one turkey croquette cut in half with a small amount of rice.In the middle are three green beans and five slices of tamagoyaki rolled with nori. Next to that are three sakura carrot flowers. For fruits I added half a strawberry and one cherry.

My weight this morning was 144.7, so I’m down about a pound 5 days in. Despite our evil conference table of sugary sin at the office, I’ve managed to lose some weight. Yay!

Speaking of work, here’s a random bull pinata for you. He stormed into our potluck yesterday and we bashed him up until he gave up the goods. It’s great being kids at work!