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Leftover Chinese Bento

My family ordered out Chinese food last night so it was a good thing I’d had an all Core day because it’s very easy to overeat Chinese food. We ate from Waimalu Chop Suey and though a couple dishes weren’t so great, the others were more than tasty enough to make up for those and the gau gee was so freaking gigantic it was like eating a whole one even cut in half.

Today’s lunch is pretty drab, I’m basically just showing you what I’m eating. I wish I could have presented it better, but there’s not much else to it. There’s a mixture of a bunch of veggies as well as some pieces of chicken, beef, and pork. I took mostly vegetables as that’s a good way to keep your calorie intake down when pigging out on Chinese food. Or at least, I like to tell myself that. I usually load up on tons of broccoli, won bok, ong choi, carrots, and then start picking lean meats and then last of all noodles.


I’m still trying to get my Yeah! bon dance video imported to my computer, but turns out I need a special cable, which I hope to get today. I watched it again last night on my camera and it’s so hilarious.

Next week Tuesday I have a “brown bag” meeting so I will have to come up with something that looks yummy so that I can have a great lunch to talk about. I’d never even heard of such a thing, so I was pretty thrilled!

I have a few things to add to the store, but I haven’t had the time to add them yet. I hopefully can get that done tonight. I have some nice 3 tier picnic bento boxes available as well as some nice small circular boxes good for packing sushi for lunch. Mr. Pikko took vacation today so I may end up going to Marukai this afternoon.