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Brown Bag Meeting Bento

Today at work we’re having a “brown bag meeting” where we meet over lunch we bring. We ate chili last night and that doesn’t make for a very pretty lunch so I started from scratch this morning and made a pretty decent Core bento.


On the left side, I have some small shrimps that I bought at Foodland on Saturday. Inside, the little orange dog is some cocktail sauce to go with it. On the right side, starting from the top left going clockwise there are: Carrot sticks wrapped in turkey, kim chee crab, avocado, two slices of boiled egg, a mini Babybell cheese, grape tomatoes, and cucumber kim chee.

In total, it comes out to 2 points for the cheese. Lately my weakness has been in desserts. We had two birthdays last week which meant I kept eating cake day after day (leftovers) and plus I tend to excuse eating candy too. I’ve decided that I have to limit myself to 2 desserts per week and I eat a small chocolate Riesen candy to appease my sweet tooth on days I’m not eating any dessert at all. This morning I was 127.8 lbs so hopefully I can keep up with my Core bentos and stick to small dinner portions. That’s another bad habit I’ve been feeling myself falling back into: larger portions simply for the taste. I can feel my stomach being full and yet I still eat, which is totally against what Core is about!

We’re now 11 days away from the start of the UH Football season and still no season tickets in the mail! WTF? We’ll go to the post office tomorrow probably (since I have a bunch of orders to send out) and see if they’re waiting. They freakin’ better be! Regardless, I’m really excited. Baby Girl has all her football cheers down too, maybe I’ll try to take video of her doing them. So far she’s got “DEE FENS!” “GO BOWS!” and “TOUCHDOWN!” all ready. I’m so proud. *sniff*