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Hawaii vs. Northern Colorado Bento (103)

Our first football game went reasonably well, I was able to watch at least half of the game successfully, though the kids were a bit alarmed at the noise. Apparently sitting in the staff section means you get put right by the Manoa Maniacs and student section. This means all the crazies go walking up and down the stairs past us. You know, all the guys with painted bodies that make psycho faces for tv down at the bottom. Anyway, the seats are thankfully decent and I lost about a pound carrying one of the kids from Radford to the stadium.

My in laws couldn’t make the game so I ended up going with just spam musubi, fishcake, egg, and hotdogs. Even this ended up being too much and sadly, no one ate the tamagoyaki but me. Mr. Pikko says it’s cause the egg is a bit gross to eat by hand. The kids didn’t like it either for some odd reason. Anyway, I ate maybe half of it myself. I was able to snugly fit in all but one half of my spam musubis into my black and gold lacquer box.


The egg and hotdog I packed into Baby Girl’s Hello Kitty box. I added foil so that the soy sauce wouldn’t leak into the egg part.

The egg gave me a bit of trouble while cooking but seemed to fold much better than last time.


I didn’t really care for how the hotdog came out. It’s Redondo’s Hawaiian Winners and I guess they’re best left for bbqs and what not. Maybe we’ll use them today as we may have a little pool party for Labor Day.


This is a picture of the top cover of the box I mentioned. I really like this one and I got it at a really good price at Marukai. It’s a 3 tier box and the same one that I used for my 100 bento, but I still don’t know how big it is. I had thought it was 500 due to the label that was on it, but now that I think about it, it can’t be that small.

I have a picture of Colt throwing his first touchdown pass of the season but unfortunately he’s so blurry you can’t tell his number. You can see the football mid-air though! We won the game 63-6. And now I will take the time to talk about bachi. Anyone who grew up in Hawaii knows what bachi means, which is basically karma coming back to bite you in the ass. Michigan got their bachi by losing to Appalachian State. Those turds got lawyers and threw a hissy fit to get out of their game with us, getting the ball rolling for us to have the crappiest football schedule ever.

We have two away games coming up next so I have a couple weeks to plan what other kinds of food I want to bring. I don’t want to end up bringing the same old things over and over and there is no way I’m going to buy food at the stadium this year. It’s not like you’re supporting the school by buying food and who the hell wants to pay $3.75 for one slice of Papa John’s or $4.00 for a regular soda?