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Pink Hearts Bento

Gleep! It’s getting so close to Valentine’s Day already! I’ve got to get my Valentine’s Day dinner shopping done this weekend, but I haven’t really finished planning out what I’m going to make past some fillet mignon I plan to buy at Costco. I saw an ad for some gorgeous chocolate covered strawberries but when I was ready to check out, I saw that the shipping cost more than the strawberries themselves. That’s when I decided to hell with that, I can just make my own.

Now you know to look for another Chocolate Misery post to add to my collection next week. At least with something like this though, you can always just eat the fruit and chocolate separately if it doesn’t work out.

Pink Hearts Bento

Today’s bento is intentionally small, as I’m trying to get back to small portion lunches after some hefty bentos earlier in the week. I’ve also come to the realization that I can eat more rice. You see, Weight Watchers doesn’t count half points, so if you are at say, 2.5, it counts as three points. So while 1/2 cup of rice counts as three points, so does 2/3rds cup.


Anyway, I lined the box with more of Mr. Pikko’s lettuce, picking from one of his flowering heads since I was just going to use it as lining. I sprinkled 1 cup of rice with pink vinegar powder (hanaosushi no moto) and split it into three parts, using plastic wrap to shape three pink hearts. I added some leftover kalbi steak from last night’s dinner (read about the sauce I used). For finishing touches I put in a lady apple, three baby carrots, a mini strawberry from our garden, and a wild pink tomato.

While it looks really small even for me, I was surprisingly close to being full after I was done eating. I think this is due to my constant tea drinking, which has been a really great way for me to keep my snacking from going crazy while staying warm in my frigid office at the same time.

Weight: 148.4 lbs

Oops. Too much late night snacking!! And here I thought I could breach 10 pounds lost today. Bah!

Since Mr. Pikko doesn’t always know what to get me, I went ahead and flat out told him I want walnut square bars from See’s candy. While I do love quite a few candy bars, my hands down biggest in the world weakness is for those caramel walnut squares from heaven. I am going to ration those things out over the course of the next three months so that I can constantly enjoy them while not tacking on insta-padding to my hips.

By the way, the cute little paper vase the red carnations are in are a gift from Baby Girl. She made it in school for me and Mr. Pikko. It’s so cute and makes a great bento photo prop!

Share with me, what are your plans for V-Day and do you need to push your significant other in the right direction?