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Miss Octopus Bento (344)

I didn’t sketch this one last night like I was supposed to. Instead, I found myself vegetating on the couch watching the pathetic thing that Heroes has become. Seriously, how can a show that was so good in its first season have fallen so hard? Why do I still watch, you say?

Hush, you!

Miss Octopus Bento

For once I’ve used my food cutter wheels to make something that I haven’t see in the suggestion book, which makes me all happy to have made something with them on my own. There really is SO much that you can do with them and I know if I just stare at them, I’d be able to come up with a lot more.

To make Miss Octopus I used the green circle for the head, the arms with no hands for her legs, and the yellow circle for her eyeballs. She’s made out of bologna and white cheese with nori accents. I realize an octopus probably doesn’t have a nose, but they don’t have eyelashes either so… yeah.

Miss Octopus Bento 2

She rests on a bed of rice and on the side are some sliced pieces of beef cutlet. Above her the section is padded with red leaf lettuce and has grape tomatoes, sliced cucumber kim chee, baby carrot sticks, strawberries, sliced mandarin orange, and a little bottle of Ikari Tonkatsu Sauce. Sorry about the lack of bentorial, but if I’d made one, we’d have dropped the kids off at school at like 9.

I got a bunch of bento loot in yesterday, which included some cute nori punches from I Love Obento!, which I used to make Miss Octopus’ face.

I used the sleepy face one to make her eyelashes, the eye from the smiley face for her nose, and the mouth from the smiley face. For her eye pupils I used some of the punched out circles from my flower nori cutouts. I so rarely find such perfectly cut nori circles, so I just had to use those!

Other cool stuff I got in:

(Update: Image no longer available)

The Pikachu bento box, car bento box, flower cups, and food cutters are all from J-List. Funnily enough, Jenn sent me the Pikachu nori and that and the bento box came on the same day. Just in time for me to start making myself some Pikachu bentos for the kids on the weekend. Or I guess myself, since my kids don’t know who Pikachu is. I used to love him and Charmander, I just wasn’t into Pokemon in general.

I have a product review today, though I’m not using the product for its intended purpose. This Hello Kitty Muffin mold is from J-List and is used to make Hello Kitty shaped muffins. It’s basically a pink silicone “pan” with four faces, though Baby Girl wanted me to know that the face with the bow is Hello Kitty while the face with the flower is her sister, Mimi.

(Update: Image no longer available)

I am not really a muffin baker usually, but anything Hello Kitty is something I’ll try for Baby Girl. I still haven’t gotten around to finding a muffin recipe to try, but last night I thought to myself that maybe being on a Jello kick I could make some Hello Kitty Jello.

(Update: Image no longer available)

I used Raspberry thinking that it would turn out pink, but it came out red, so I’m going to have to try again but this time with the creamy jigglers recipe. I had thought I could just add milk and that would do it but all it really did was add some milky looking flakes into the Jello. It came out looking great though, so I know once I do the creamy ones, it’ll look doubly awesome!! With this great of a result, I don’t know if I’ll ever need to find a good muffin recipe because this alone makes the pan useful to me! The girls will be wanting this all the time now! 😀

Those who entered my Life Without Plastic drawing will be interested to know that I’ve had no response from my first winner, so I’ll be drawing a new one on Thursday!