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Chicken Marsala Bento (256)

This is a really late post because I made the extra effort to have my bento ready earlier than usual this morning, then forgot to upload the picture in my hastiness turning off the computer. I find that the comp is the reason I’m late every morning, so I’ve decided that after a certain time in the morning, I’m turning it OFF.

We went to a birthday dinner at California Pizza Kitchen at Pearlridge on Saturday and I had the worst time picking what to eat. At first I thought I would just get pizza. I love the original BBQ Chicken pizza, but I told myself that I could get one of those frozen in the market, so what’s the sense really? Then I thought maybe I’d get one of the 200 other pizza options they give, but the salads looked good too and I’ve been eating too much lately and they sounded yummy and exotic, but there were new pasta dishes to try too and their pasta dishes, though oily, tend to be oh so yummy, but then there was the chicken dishes which are good too and…

Well, you get the idea. CPK has a freaking humongous menu and when I gave the takeout menu we’d been looking at back to Grandma J, I told her I was getting a salad. Then when we sat down, there was a Buffalo Chicken Pizza picture sitting on the table and I decided to get that instead. When my food came, Grandma J was like, “What’s that?”.

I’d ended up making a very last minute change to Chicken Marsala. *sigh* I’d had the Chicken Piccata before and though very lemony, it was very good. I like to try new dishes though. Unless it’s nabeyaki udon, then I never fail and get it all the time. I don’t know why I got the marsala. I tried it at Buco and didn’t really care for it. It tasted okay though and I guess it’s better to have it cooked in wine rather than drowning in butter.

Chicken Marsala Bento

As usual with CPK dishes, they bring you enough food to feed like three people. I had three breast pieces and a whole lot of pasta smothered in mushrooms. Now, I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m allergic to mushrooms, but seem to be less and less allergic lately. Even though I still tend to pick mushrooms out of food by habit, I figured all was well by now. Not so! I ate some of the mushrooms and my lip began to puff up! I think it has to do with the cooking method. Raw or roasted mushrooms don’t seem to give me a problem, but sauteed ones do.

I sliced it up and laid it on top of some rice, then cut out cucumbers and bell peppers into sakura flowers. I stuck some slices of golden kiwi into the end.

We took the kids to the pool on Saturday and I didn’t think we’d be swimming that long since it was the middle of the day with bad sun, but we ended up staying quite a while and I think I sunburned my eyeballs because they were burning. Hours later my back and chest started tingling and now I feel crispy.

Survivor: Gabon starts this week! First time ever in HD! Woohoo! Now we’ll get to see the flies buzzing around Jeff’s head and the sweat dripping from his insanely numerous and gigantic “dimples”. I swear the man’s face looks like pahoehoe lava.