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Teri Hamburger Salad Bento (106)

As you may have noticed, I have snazzed up my blog a bit. It was getting stale and crusty and so I checked the Sell By date and it was pretty bad. Luckily I was able to scrape off the mold and put it in a pretty container for safekeeping for many months to come.

Doing this blog has done a lot of great things for me. I’ve learned a lot about cooking, I have something to look forward to every day, I lost 22 pounds thanks to Weight Watchers, and now I am getting freebies! Somewhere on the mainland a FedEx box containing new cookbook by Harumi Kurihara is flying over to me. I’m very very excited about it and can’t wait to try out recipes and give a review on it. I didn’t recognize her name at first but then when I went to Amazon to look it up I recognized her book immediately. I never bought that book though, mostly because they seemed more like dishes you cook for company. This one is on Home Cooking so I’m hoping it will have a lot of bento potential!

Last night we had teri hamburgers, which we usually eat with rice but since I was feeling in a good girl mood I decided to try it out with my salad with no rice. It was surprisingly very good. It tasted just like eating a hamburger with no bun, which I’d always though would be lame, but it wasn’t. So continuing my good girl streak I’ve made a hamburger salad. The patty looked rather depressing though, so I added a face made out of cheese and nori.


I wasn’t sure what kind of face to make so I just went with a silly face. Baby Girl saw his jaggedy mouth and announced that I was having a football bento and I guess from her angle it does look like a football. I added some grated carrot for added color and some edamame for variety.

I’m going to stretch a bit and call this all Core because of the trivial amounts of things in the patty that would count for points. I mean I don’t think I need to count a few bread crumbs and the lil bit of sugar. The box I’m using is a black lacquer box with gold bunnies on the cover.


I haven’t had time to put this up on the store yet, but I do have two black and two red boxes like this available for $2.99 if anyone is interested. Also, be sure to check out the boxes section as I added in some of the Hello Kitty stuff that I’d run out of before. The orders I’m backed up on should go out tomorrow as I have to take the day off to pick up the kids. My in-laws are going out of town and so we’ll have to cook or buy food for ourselves starting tomorrow. I think it’ll be a great time to try out new dishes!

I was able to open a separate WordPress account and successfully import everything to a blog account there, but then it turns out that there are several aspects of WordPress I don’t really like. For one, StatCounter doesn’t work so well there, which is something I’ve really come to depend on. Two, I don’t seem to be able to easily change fonts or colors or whatever. I’d need to change the css code and I’m not fully comfortable doing that. So for now I’m going to stay on Blogger and see what I can do around here. I’ll have to think of something to do with my domain though as it seems a shame to let it rot there. Maybe a gallery! We’ll see. ^_^