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P.F. Changs Bento (129)

Last night Mr. Pikko and I went out to dinner and a movie. I picked P.F. Changs down at Ward Center because it sounded like a fun place to eat and was right by the theater. We started off with the chicken lettuce wraps and although they had shiitake mushrooms that I had to pick out (allergic) they still tasted really, really good. We made the silly mistake of ordering noodles, fried rice, and “duck in bun”. So we had three starch dishes, like idiots. Next time we will definitely skip the fried rice, which was decent, but very unnecessary, and get a meat dish instead. The Singapore Street Noodles, which I have for lunch today, was really good.

PF Changs Bento

This was the first noodle dish I’ve had with tomatoes in it and it fit surprisingly well. We didn’t use the lime at dinner, so I’m going to squeeze it over the noodles for lunch. Yum yum! In my lower tier I packed edamame and fresh tomatoes, which I’ll probably eat with the noodles. The edamame was difficult to pack because a lot of them were freezer burned. I don’t think it can be avoided though, cause they came looking like that straight from Costco. They still taste good though. We have some soy bean seeds to plant, so hopefully once I get off my lazy ass and buy more pots, we can have fresh edamame from our garden!

After dinner we went to see The Kingdom. I wasn’t really expecting much, but I thought it was pretty good. Interesting plot, good character setup, good action, and to boot, a touchy political subject. Plus, on the way over to the theater we got sucked into Ben and Jerry’s. I’m pretty sure any movie is made better having just eating Chocolate Brownie ice cream!