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Domokatsu Bento (498)

I’ve been having a pretty terrible week so far and I’m hoping that all of this crappy stuff is leading up to something nice happening. I’ve flung some cupcakes onto my oven coils (while they were still hot, so now I have cupcake coils) and knocked over a bottle of nail polish remover on my desk in the same hour. Later, I missed the trash can when I was throwing said ruined cupcakes away, which sent me into a mental flying rage. Driving home for 90 minutes also didn’t do anything to help me feel better.

I bought this set for myself for my birthday almost two months ago and I’m not really sure why it’s taken me so long to use such an infinitely awesome box.

Domokun Bento

The domokun came out a little wierd cause I wasn’t supposed to make his teeth so sharp and long. He looks mean! Anyway, the box is two layers and came with a matching furoshiki, a food divider, a elastic strap, and a pair of chopsticks that actually FITS in the box. This is pretty amazing as I have tons of two tier bento boxes with a place for chopsticks and I can count how many sets came with chopsticks to go into the cover on one hand. It’s very frustrating at times. I have a lot of Putifresh style chopsticks, but none of them actually fit into the box’s chopstick holders.

He’s made out of chicken katsu, which I cut with a knife to a domo shape. I used leftovers from the caprese flowers I made above him to do the mouth and teeth.


My hoodlums are all over the house, so I didn’t have time to take a photo of them with this bento. For the caprese flowers, I cut three slices of fresh mozzarella, then cut it out with a veggie cutter and then cut out the middle with a fat straw. I cut the tops off of three cocktail tomatoes, sprinkled some freeze dried basil on top, then put the flower on top. I also cut the bottoms off to make the tomatoes shorter and to help them stand up nicely. It tasted pretty good, but there’s still no substitute for using fresh basil. I’m submitting this one for Debra’s May BOMB too.

In the other tier, I have garlic asparagus and more pieces of chicken katsu.

Don’t forget to enter to win a Little Red Riding Hood bento box! Today is the last day!

So close to Bento #500!