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Domokatsu Bento (498)

I’ve been having a pretty terrible week so far and I’m hoping that all of this crappy stuff is leading up to something nice happening. I’ve flung some cupcakes onto my oven coils (while they were still hot, so now I have cupcake coils) and knocked over a bottle of nail polish remover on my desk in the same hour. Later, I missed the trash can when I was throwing said ruined cupcakes away, which sent me into a mental flying rage. Driving home for 90 minutes also didn’t do anything to help me feel better.

I bought this set for myself for my birthday almost two months ago and I’m not really sure why it’s taken me so long to use such an infinitely awesome box.

Domokun Bento

The domokun came out a little wierd cause I wasn’t supposed to make his teeth so sharp and long. He looks mean! Anyway, the box is two layers and came with a matching furoshiki, a food divider, a elastic strap, and a pair of chopsticks that actually FITS in the box. This is pretty amazing as I have tons of two tier bento boxes with a place for chopsticks and I can count how many sets came with chopsticks to go into the cover on one hand. It’s very frustrating at times. I have a lot of Putifresh style chopsticks, but none of them actually fit into the box’s chopstick holders.

He’s made out of chicken katsu, which I cut with a knife to a domo shape. I used leftovers from the caprese flowers I made above him to do the mouth and teeth.


My hoodlums are all over the house, so I didn’t have time to take a photo of them with this bento. For the caprese flowers, I cut three slices of fresh mozzarella, then cut it out with a veggie cutter and then cut out the middle with a fat straw. I cut the tops off of three cocktail tomatoes, sprinkled some freeze dried basil on top, then put the flower on top. I also cut the bottoms off to make the tomatoes shorter and to help them stand up nicely. It tasted pretty good, but there’s still no substitute for using fresh basil. I’m submitting this one for Debra’s May BOMB too.

In the other tier, I have garlic asparagus and more pieces of chicken katsu.

Don’t forget to enter to win a Little Red Riding Hood bento box! Today is the last day!

So close to Bento #500!

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  • Adri

    wow, that box is adorable, my husband would love it! Do you remember where you bought it from?

  • I don’t think Domokun looks as mean as you think he does! Great box…I would love to find one of those for my hubby.

    Hope tomorrow is a better day for you!

  • Hi Adri, I found it on eBay!

  • I guess I’m just used to my qees being really cute!

  • agreed, this box is pretty friggin awesome. love your cute domo (i think his teeth look just fine!) and the cool idea for caprese flowers. nice inaugural use of the box!

  • I LOVE that bento box! And I love your little Domo-katsu too. He’s so cute. Did it come with that similarly themed cloth underneath? I gotta find myself one too!

    I made a Domo-hamburg awhile back . . .

  • This is really a cool bento box! I don’t feel the domokum looks mean at all, it is superb 😀

  • LOL, love the Domo-katsu! Very clever! 🙂

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  • Thanks Gamene! You know what’s dumb though, I forgot to use the chopsticks. lol

  • Haha! Good idea! The hardest part imo is the eyes. How the heck do you make them visible when he’s dark brown? 🙁

  • Haha, thanks!

  • Thanks Susan!

  • Yah, no kidding! Seaweed is a good idea, though. I used fermented black beans, which really aren’t part of the typical Japanese hamburg!

  • DriverB

    I *LOVE* this bento! Domokun is the best. 🙂

  • loooove the domokun box. i need to get my brother one of those!

  • Juskarath

    lol, I don’t think he looks mean, and I love the new box.

  • Totally awesome box. Wonder why this is the only Domokun box in existence? Seems like a marketing gold mine!

  • LOVE the Domo bento set! Awesome 🙂

  • He is! You can see him sweating while eating a musubi on the box. lol

  • The furoshiki is so awesome too, I love it!

  • You would think so, but this is the only one I’ve ever seen! There needs to be a box shaped like Domo!

  • Thanks Tammy!

  • love it!! I love the fact that it came with such a cute furoshiki too of domo eating an onigiri 🙂

    Caprese flowers looks yummy too…

  • Courtney

    Aww I love Domo! He doesn’t look mean at all 🙂 HEY I got my bento prizes today!! You sent everything that I wanted and needed!!! Thank you sooo sooo much 🙂 My most favorite thing would have to be the animal cutters which I was crossing my fingers and toes for! Keep up the awesome bentos and I hope to see some more videos too 😀 Thank you sooo much again!! 😀

  • This little guy is so cute! And looks delish too. Where did you get the box?

  • leslie

    I just received an email from “”…. the pre-order “Yum-Yum Bento Box: Fresh Recipes for Adorables Lunches” is shipping a whole week earlier than expected! New estimated arrival date is around May 27th! That’s next week 😀 I am soooo excited! Thought you would like to know..

  • Leslie

    I got so excited about the pre-order…. I forgot to tell you that I adore the Domo lunch box and lunch! The matching furoshiki is a really nice touch. I would never think of making a Domo out of tonkatsu! And I love the triple layer flowers, they really add dimension. I have a small pot of Oregano in my kitchen all year. It doesn’t grow as well as it should in the house because we keep our house cold, but I do get to use fresh leaves all winter! (Basil is my favorite herb, rosemary is second). My son and I are definite Domo fans. He loved the Hoodlums so much, he made me order some for us… he got a skeleton one! It is SO adorable.. we both also got an orange one and a brown one, and I bought a purple one that picked up a stowaway in the box with it – a brown flocked one on a straw that is holding a candy cane! He’s adorable. He wanted to call them the “Hoodlums squared” (to the 2nd power)… but changed his mind.. they are now called “The Domoqeeians.” Our 6″ vampire Domo is thrilled to have company, and some “little ones” to boss around! 🙂

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  • Yeah, I totally love that furoshiki to death!

  • I’m so glad you’re happy with what you got Courtney!

  • eBay, Lorna! Just watch the auctions and I’m sure eventually another will pop up!

  • Thanks for telling me about that, Leslie! It’s nice that people got it so early!

  • Hahaha, awesome! I really need to start taking photos of them again… I’ve been slacking.

  • Oh My GOD!!!!! That is sooo cute!!! I just started making bento and created a blog. So far it only has one tutorial but I would love it if you could check it out and give me some feed back I love what you do and how cute you make everything. 😀 Thanks a lot, Camille

  • btw the blog is thanks again

  • I recently bought the same bento!! it’s sooooo cute

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  • Wow, that is amazing and also somewhat scary!