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Car Bento (366)

Every time I see my bento count ticking closer to #400 I start to get really nervous and my back starts to ache just thinking about the amount of effort bento #300 took. Working from evening to morning with no sleep is in no way fun, so I’ll have to tone my bento celebration down a tad. Seriously, who wants to be bentoing for that long on one bento unless they’re on a tv show or something?

Yesterday I found yet another expired box of Hamburger Helper, so we ate that for dinner and I took the small amount left for today’s lunch. It’s in a new bento box that I got from J-List, the Tomica car shaped box.

I lined the little compartment box that comes with it with lettuce and then stuffed all the Hamburger helper in. On the other side I added a checkered apple, a stack of baby carrot sticks, blueberries, and cherries. I skewered the cherries with the cute little leaf sticks that I finally got. I was highly amused by me sticking cherries with a food pick meant to imitate cherry stems.

I cut out the VROOM letters from cheese and then froze them to make them stiff while I took the picture, a little tip I picked up from Maki or luckysundae.

I’ll be tallying up the Mr. Bento entries this week and then doing the drawing probably on Friday. Thank you everyone for the entries and good luck! Short post today!