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Tango No Sekku Bento

The strangest thing happened to me this morning. I’m dropping off Buddy on the school playground when a little baby sparrow hops right between my feet and out the other side. I stopped and told his teacher, “Did you see that?” Then suddenly the bird takes off in flight, comes straight at my face, and promptly lands on my head. He just chills there for a bit, while I lower my head for his teacher to get it off. I tried to shoo him off and he hopped onto my hand! A little wild bird, too!

At first I said that I probably had lice now, but they shrugged that off, saying probably not. Then I realized just how cool it was to have a little baby bird just sitting on my hand. Eventually I gave it to the staff and they took it indoors to give it some bird seed.

I felt all nice and cheerful until I inspected my head in the car and remembered that my scalp is peeling from getting sunburned at Hanauma Bay. Seriously, how freaking embarrassing is that? I am definitely going to tell her that I don’t have the dandruff problem from hell when I pick him up.

Boy's Day Bento

I made this for lunch today (Boy’s Day) and when I showed it to Buddy, he immediately asked me if I could make more for his class. Since we were already ready to go, I told him I could print a picture for him to share, which he said okay to. Later, when I was walking him in, I gave it to him to hold and suddenly he got all distressed. He said I was supposed to print out a picture for each kid. When I told him that I couldn’t print out that many pictures, he said, “But everyone is going to fight over it!!”


Oh. Sorry. That was the sound of my head ballooning and my chest puffing out with pride that one of my offspring actually loves what I do. I cannot wait until he starts kindergarten.

I made some quick fried rice with a seasoning packet, then made the kamaboko fish with a whole wheat spaghetti noodle for a pole. The other side has chicken rolls plus strawberries. I made a similar bento last year and that one actually made it into Yum-Yum Bento.

My poor little baby girl is at home sick today, hopefully she feels better soon. Talk about a cruddy Children’s Day for her…

UPDATE: I have to head home to take her to the doctor, as it sounds like she might have the flu.


This is box #023 in my Docubentory.

And here are my Hoodlums celebrating Boy’s Day!


I will talk about the gut wrenching heartbreak that was LOST on Saturday, when I post Part 3 of my LOST Party Food series.

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  • SIG

    That was a sweet little story and a lovely bento. Maybe the birdie might be the inspiration for your next bento? 😉

  • What a cute Boys Day bento! And so sweet of Buddy to love it so!

    I like the hoodlums celebrating! They look so festive 😀

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  • leslie

    What an adorable and friendly little birdie! Now you can truly say that “A little birdie told you something!” I’ve had that scalp peeling from sunburn…. it sucks! The teachers will, no doubt, find it an amusing story! They might even know already, if they read this blog!

    Your Boy’s Day bento was so awesome, I had to show my son and my mother. They both adored it… even the 14 yr old son! Maybe we can convince him to start bringing a few lunches to school by the time next year starts??? I’ll keep you posted on that. My mum remembers being in Okinawa for a visit when we had Boys Day. She was thrilled! Inspired her to see if she can find our Blue Boy’s Day fish to hang out…even though it’s a little late, and a bit tattered on the ends now.

    I love the charaben of Vincent. It’s so realistic. I am really awed with your talent and patience. EVERY LOST bento has been fab! For the record… I was really upset with LOST this week, too. Although, I did form a new theory… how about you?

  • Dallas

    Lol. I love how the little yellow one has a derpderp what? face.

  • Kathy

    Cute Domos! I love the little hats!

    Is there a recipe in here somewhere that explains how the chicken roll up things are made? They look yummy!

  • Aw, little birds are so cute. Im sure this will bring you some kind of luck! I love your boys day fish. They have such nice colors 😉
    Hope your little girl will be feeling better soon!

  • Hi! I love your Boys Day bento. LOL That would have been a crazy amount printed photos for the class 😉

    Hope your daughter gets well soon!

  • Love the Boys Day bento – so cute 🙂 I do so wish that I had discovered bento when my girls were younger and not when the youngest was in High School and the oldest in college! I feel guilty thinking back to the days when I sent them to school with those terrible lunchables 😮

  • Aimee S.

    You stuffed that chicken better than I ever can. Great job!

  • A. Murakami

    Cute bento! The kabuto hats are cute, too!

  • Elizabeth

    Those Domos are sooooo cute all in a line with their little hats. Great photo!

  • Good idea! There’s a Japanese story about a sparrow that I love.

  • Yeah, he makes me feel so good. 🙂

  • I have to admit, I knew Jack was going to be the one, but I still don’t know how the Sideways and the real are going to connect via Desmond.

  • I really need to take more pictures with them again, I’ve been slacking!

  • Hi Katy, it will be provided in Yum-Yum Bento box! 🙂

  • I looked it up and apparently the bird was supposed to poop on my head for it to be good luck. LOL

  • I know, especially considering I could buy a new printer every time I buy cartridges… >:(

  • My daughter is always asking for me to buy those. 🙁 *humiliation*

  • I whammed it to flatten it first. Great stress reliever!

  • I was surprised they fit so well! 😀

  • Glad you like it Elizabeth!

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