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Mapo Tofu & Egg Woes (240)

My apologies for the long absence, but I have been out sick since last Friday due to a nasty infection from a certain male toddler living in my household. The little guy is all better and has returned to his daily mommy-menacing, leaving the rest of us all croaky and sniffly and grouchy. On the bright side, I did get a lot of much needed sleep!

I continue to be vexed by my poor egg cooking skills. I switched to using a Calphalon pan that I got as a wedding gift but had hidden away in frustration and have had some success cooking breakfast in it. I was having a grand ole time thinking that I’d finally found a pan to cook breakfast in when disaster struck.

I’m sure some of you must remember those old drug ads from the 80s about “This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs.”, right? That popped into my head right away when I was cleaning up my latest pan horror.

This is my pan:

This is my pan on eggs:

AUUUGH! This kills me. Kills me!! I’ve tried Pam, I’ve tried oil, I’ve tried both. Yet sometimes this still happens. I’m ready to turn my eggs over to Buddy and watch him exact revenge upon them on behalf of his egg-deranged mother.

Anyway, I shall move on from my egg-ony and get to my lunch.

Thanks to my helpful readers, I went out and bought the materials to build a lightbox to help with my lighting problems I wrote about last week. I’d done this before with a cardboard box but without much success. I found this guide to be much more concise and so now I have a nice pretty lightbox in which to take my photos. I was unable to secure more than one light though, so this photo still had to get run through Picasa and Photoshop before being presentable here. Still, the quality looks pretty good and I’m sure it will only improve when I get more lamps! Thanks! You guys rock!!

I’m eating mapo tofu and black pepper chicken, which is leftover from when my dad was here on Saturday. Hopefully we didn’t get him sick. My mommy was also here before she left for Vegas to go on a scouting trip to move up there. It was raining cigar mangoes this weekend! I was in heaven!

I’ve been thinking about making a raised garden in the yard now. As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’m not allowed to grow anything in the ground! I’m always getting busted for weeds cause I guess this is considered “growing things in the ground” too. Anyway, I thought maybe I could build something and start an herb garden or something. Then at least the stupid weeds wouldn’t have sun and would leave my yard alone! I’ll have to do research and find myself a Raised Flowerbeds for Dummies book or something.