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Review: Red Riding Hood Bento Box

Ever since the Honolulu Advertiser article in February outed me as a bento box maniac with some serious addiction issues, I know that I’ve probably become a point that women make to their husbands during arguments about a bento box takeover of the house.

“Look honey, say what you want, but at least I’m not as bad as Pikko!”

I told myself then that it was time to stop buying boxes and I did pretty well for a while, but with J-List credit coming every 2 months and bento boxes being given to me for reviews, hey, that doesn’t count right?

About a month back, Kristen over at Kir de Vries contacted me to offer me more crack… I mean, a bento box, for review and giveaway. After looking through her stock of Shinzi Katoh bento boxes, I chose the Little Red Riding Hood bento box to review as the slim style seems to be popular nowadays. I planned out a charaben where I’d make the same Red Riding Hood design as the cover. Then I saw that Gamene had done the same thing. LOL!

Sakura Bento

I decided to instead enter hapa bento’s BOMB contest. I’ve been meaning to do her ongoing contest for months, but haven’t been able to gather enough brain cells to get it done until now. I chose sakura made out of fish sausage and cut some leaves out of half soy beans. Unfortunately, I don’t think sakura leaves look like that except in my frazzled head.

I chose this box because of its bright colors and slim shape. Even with two tiers, it’s a pretty small box at 300 ml, so this is definitely not a box for people with bigger appetites. I think it’s a good size for an elementary school kid, with a whole fruit provided on the side in case they’re still a bit hungry.

I normally hate two tier bento boxes, which is why I haven’t bought one at Marukai in a while (2 months…), mostly because the standard 2 tier bento boxes come with lids that smash down your food, giving you a much shallower dish for charaben and also don’t stay down well. The lid of this box is slightly different though.


I took this photo with the red lid upside down. You can see the rim that secures around the box. It still pushes the food down, but it’s got a lot more grip to the lid, which is great for food security. It comes with one gripping lid for each tier, then has a cover for the top. Included with the box is a red elastic strap to hold both tiers together. (This box is tagged Box #027 btw!)

Buddy saw the bento this morning and did a *gasp* and asked it was for him. He got all sad when I said no, because it was Baby Girl’s Furlough Friday bento, I let him eat one of the fried shrimps as a consolation prize and then made him a musubi. I had bought a pack of ebi fry at Marukai when I saw it on sale to see how it was. It was very convenient, taking 1 minute 20 seconds to nuke in the microwave, but it certainly didn’t live up to taste expectations. I tried one at lunch and didn’t care for the taste or the texture. I think I’d rather go through the hassle of defrosting a few shrimp and frying it fresh than buy it again. Still, in the end, Baby Girl only ate the shrimp. I ate the rice and veggies. *sigh*

Considering my son’s enthusiastic appetite, I think that without the girly design, this would be a great size for him as a 4 year old. He’d have eaten the rice, shrimp, and carrots. I’m not sure why, but they both don’t seem to want corn on the cob lately.

Anyway, on to the giveaway details! To enter to win one of these Red Riding Hood bento boxes, simply head over to Kir de Vries and browse the Shinzi Katoh items. Come back here and post which item is your favorite and you’ll be entered to win. I’ll pick a winner at random and announce the winner next Friday. One entry per person! Good luck!

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  • Ava

    Shinzi Katoh Slim Bento Box ~ Pretty Alice
    A Alice in Wonderland bento box… what more could I ask for? lol

  • The two-deck Red Riding Hood one, with the red and blue tiers and the clear top with Red’s face. So, so super adorable. (But I’m kind of a LRRH addict!) 😀

  • Savannah

    I’ve had the pleasure of coming across several Shinzi Katoh boxes in a local store, and they are all so lovely and precious. My favorite is “Cheri – Tu peux venir quand tu veux” because I love cats, I love the rain, and I love French. The colors are nice, and it would be perfect for a rainy day snack!

  • SIG

    Hi there, that is a lovely bento and box. I love the Red Riding Hood range of bentoware and have often admired them.

    I love seeing the bentos you create as I find them really healthy, lots of greeens, fruits etc.

    This is the item I love most in the Shinzi Katoh range – “Shinzi Katoh Slim Bento Box ~ Pretty Alice”.

  • bunny

    i love either of the pretty alice/alice in wonderland boxes, but they seem to be very small. who cares about that when they are so cute to look at!

  • Bree

    My favorites are the Cheri bento box and the Alice in wonderland design, but of the two I like the Alice in Wonderland design best.

  • I love the 2 deck Pretty Alice box! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  • Way to tempt us with scrumptious shinzi katoh!
    2 deck Cheri … Of course!!!

  • I would choose the adorable blue Cheri bento box – too cute!

    Until tonight I had no idea this place existed…now I have a new place for my addiction! 🙂

  • Laura

    Thanks for another opportunity for a give away and a new link to shop at!
    I really like the Cheri 4 piece nesting set because our lunches never seem to be the same sizes even though the food amount is the same! That and the design is way cute! I like the wider boxes anyway, the skinnier ones make my stuff look cramped even though the boys eat everything regardless.

    Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for letting me chime in!

  • Becca

    While the bento items are cute, what caught my eye was the ‘Tea For Two Bunnie Set’, I have a tiny kitchen and the fact that it stacks up sounds like a good idea!

  • Rachael

    My favourites are definitely the ringo furikake and mayo containers 🙂 although all the boxes are gorgeous as well! My perfect tiered bento box was stolen and I still haven’t managed to find one I like, but these are looking pretty tempting.

  • I love the dessert box! There were so many cute things, but that was something a bit new and different that made it stand out. I just wish it said what it’smade of – I thought plastic at first, but since it’s a gift box, maybe it’s cardboard?? hmmm….

  • honestly, i like all of them! the most practical would be the double tier ones though since they are the same width with just a little added height. I like the Cheri double decker, but I also like the bee one. I like the tea canister the most though, it’s just too cute!

  • Sharon

    Oh, they’re all awfully cute, but I think the Cheri nesting set looks fun. Although “My Monkey has Big Ears” is coming in a very close second!

  • Smits

    The double-deck Red Riding Hood box is adorably retro, sort of reminds me of Mary Blair’s illustrations.

    I have to say as a new fan of yours, I’m amazed and inspired! I started making bento lunches just last week and it’s fun and healthy. I’m impatiently waiting for your book to be released and will definitely suggest that our local Japanese goods shop carry it. 🙂

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  • Nova G

    OH GOSH, they’re all so adorable! I love the psuedo-retro art style so much! XD I’m stuck between the Cheri and the Alice in Wonderland designs being my favourites.

  • Aw your new box is really cute ^-^
    300ml is not big, but I think for a child in kindergarten it’s the right size.

    As for the bentobox giveaway:
    My favorite is the Shinzi Katoh Bento Box ~ 2 Deck Pretty Alice.
    The draw stile is so cute. Like a dreamy summer ^-^

  • I love this bento! I never thought of I can cut the endamame this way, they look so nice! Thanks for the idea!

    For the bento box giveaway, I love the Shinzi Katoh Slim Bento Box ~ Pretty Alice, I’ve been longed for one slim bento box, so what else I could ask for! 😀

  • Wyn

    My favorite would have to be Shinzi Katoh Bento Box ~ Cute Red Hood. It’s so cute, and I love it when they have those smaller containers within the bento to separate food with. +_+

  • Thank you for pointing out the BOMB, because I couldn’t remember where it was going on and it gave me for my 3rd possible bentô, so I wanted to participate, if ever I find the time before the 23rd, with exams and all. When I saw this entry I had just opened all my bentô feeds to search for this challenge. ^^;

    I liked the ‘chéri’ boxes, with their cute phrase, but the design would absolutely not work for MY chéri.
    The monkey bentö box immediately grabbed my attentions and it does look fun, as do the “apples”.
    My item of choice though, would be the absolutely cute “Tea For Two Bunnie Set”. I’m usually a lone tea drinker, but this one is so absolutely cute! And I’d give the Frog one to chéri’s brother (who, for some reason or other is connected to frogs, and Yoshi, while we are at it).
    The bunny is cut,e, I’ve no proper tea pot and the storage space is well used, with putting everything so neatly together and what. The tea strainer is a plus, too! <3

  • I’m just like Savannah. I like them all but I found the “Cheri” box more “emotional” than only cute. I’ve seen some other boxes with a french sentence on it and it’s always fascinating me to see that French is used like that :P. “Darling – You can come whenever you want” !

  • Katherine

    My favorite is the deck Pretty Alice ’cause it’s nice shaped, colored, and I generally love Wonderland themed things. heehee

  • Joyce

    My favourite is this : Shinzi Katoh Bento Box ~ Cute Red Hood

    Enjoyed your bento creations……have a nice wkend!

  • Rebecca

    Ohh I like:
    Shinzi Katoh Tea For Two Bunnie Set
    Shinzi Katoh Chan Dear Bear 2 Tray Mini Lunch Box
    Shinzi Katoh Bento Box ~ Cute Red Hood

    Makes me wish I had more money!

  • Jana

    Aww, so many cute items..! Difficult to choose a favorite one…

    I like the ‘Tea Set For Two Little Red Hood’, because it’s perfect for me and my boyfriend (we both love tea!).

  • The Shinzi Katoh Slim Bento Box ~ Pretty Alice is really lovely <3
    I've always been a fan of Alice and there's even the rabbit on it 😀

  • Dzuzi

    My boys have made the decision : We love Shinzi Katoh Monkey Bento Box ~ Single Deck….

  • I have been looking at that particular Little Red Riding Hood box for awhile. I have one of the older Shinzi Katoh LRRH two-tiers, but the long shape of this one really intrigues me. If I had to go with one of the other boxes I would probably go with this one:–2-deck-cute-red-hoo2.html

    (Little Red Riding Hood is a special character to me, what can I say?)

  • I think I’m in love with the Hungry Bee and the Perch. I’m also digging the non-bento stuff to the extreme.

  • Becca

    Stolen? I’m sorry to hear it. :<

  • Katie

    Shinzi Katoh Bento Box ~ 2 Deck Pretty Alice

    I LOVE Alice in wonderland and this is just PERFECT! I recently just got into doing Bento boxes but all i have is boring clear plastic containers from walmart. That site is perfect and has so many cute things! I wanna get the whole Alice set!

    Also, you’re Bentos are so CUTE!!

  • I love the red riding hood motif! This one is my favorite:–2-deck-cute-red-hoo2.html

  • Ashley

    The Shinzi Katoh Slim Bento Box ~ Pretty Alice

    Just absolutely adorable, nothing more enchanting than a lil’ Alice in Wonderland.

  • I really like this one–cher4.html because it’s way cute, and I don’t have to worry so much about keeping foods separated from each other.

  • my fave is the Shinzi Katoh Tea For Two Bunnie Set!! it’s adorable.

  • WhitneyD

    So hard to pick just one that I like- I love all the Shinzi Katoh designs. But I’m absolutely obsessed with the Slim Alice design.

  • Jamie Orozco

    I actually really like the ipod stickers. they are really cute!

  • Jaimie

    I love the double deck bento box~ hungry bee. The plants and flowers look like a playground or a video game background.

  • Brenda

    I love the double decker slim Pretty Alice box, but honestly the tea for two sets really got my eye. I LOVE the frog and bunny ones! These are great, a much bigger selection of Shinzi Katoh than I’ve seen, thanks!

  • Adri

    Shinzi Katoh Monkey Bento Box ~ Single Deck is what I would pick, although I wish it came in a 2 deck. I think I would let my husband use it more, since he likes monkeys more than any person should!

  • I am stuck between the “hungry bee” bento box (so cute!) and the bunny tea for two teapot. I may have to get that teapot! Adorable!

  • I love that box! My journal/appointment book is Shinzi Katoh Red Ridinghood! I like the Shinzi Katoh Bento Box ~ 2 Deck Cute Red Hood, and if I don’t win, I’m thinking getting a bento box to match the book I carry everywhere will be the next thing I buy!

  • Scout

    I love the 2 deck red riding hood! However, all of the boxes are wonderful.

  • Lily

    The hungry bee one is definitely my favorite one.—hungry-bee.html
    What could be more adorable than that?! =P

  • Diana

    It’s a tie between Hungry Bee and Alice (2-tier). Love your site.

  • Marlena

    I love all the Alice things, bag, bento box, etc. If I had to pick only one it would be the stylish Shinzi Katoh Slim Bento Box ~ Pretty Alice. I do not have any slim boxes. I would love this one.

  • Tea For Two Frog Set- Had to be the first thing to catch my eye. Other ways I don’t think I would be able to choose.

  • Diane

    I love the Dear Bear box, mostly because Engrish is one of my favorite things in the world.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • This box is so cute ^___^
    I love 2 tier! My second favs are the ones with translucent lid, and so you see what’s inside =D

    Anyway, the food there looks so tasty… It’s 1h51am, I had a nice dinner, popcorn at the movies and a little snack just a while ago… And I’m hungry!!

  • I said something very similar to my mom when she told me I had wayyy too many boxes last week haha. I said hey, Pikko has a ton more than I do so actually I don’t have enough boxes at all. I don’t buy lots of shoes like some girls so I say I can have lots of bento boxes!

    I really like the Shinzi Katoh Monkey Bento Box ~ Single Deck. Kidlet would get a kick out of “My monkey has big ears” lol

  • Michelle

    The Pinocchio sandwich box is adorable, but I really like the Alice items also (must be my love for children’s literature!) I LOVE the Autumn Day pattern on the IPod sticker (if I had an IPod I’d be ordering it), would love to see that on a bento!

  • Morgana Ross

    I’m in love with most the things on their site- but I’m really digging the apple furikake containers. I make my own furikake (since I’m allergic to seaweed- boo!) and can see those getting put to a ton of use.

  • Lisa

    Pikko, your bentos are so inspiring! I am visiting Hawaii next month and would love to pick up some real bento gear and Marukai. Do you know if they have visitor memberships or one day passes?

  • Gotta go with the “Shinzi Katoh Tea Set For Two Little Red Hood” it is the cutest!

  • sammi

    my favorite is Shinzi Katoh Slim Bento Box ~ Pretty Alice

  • Martyna

    Since I can’t seem my comment from yesterday and haven’t received the posterior comments I guess it was lost?
    Once more…
    I liked the “Chéri” bentos, but my chéri wouldn’t probably want to use them. The monkey bentô as well looks cute and funny! The item that got my attention is the Tea For Two Bunnie Set – I’m missing a teapot here and while I’m more a lonely tea drinker this set is still so cute and uses little place. Also, it might convince chéri to drink with me. At the same time I’d love to gift the Frog version to his brother, who for some reason has this frog-connection. The strainer is also a big plus.

    I think that in my disappeared post I made some more comments, but can’t think of what about now. ._____.

  • Susan

    My favorite is the “hungry bee” bento!

  • I’ve been developing a drinks bottle obsession alongside my lunch box obsession, so my favourite item from the range has got to be the shinzi katoh thermal trekking bottle ‘boy and girl’ “A girl is sly… like a cat” Lovely!

  • Niki R

    I like the autumn day ipod sticker. It’s very cute and I wish I had one for my ipod!

  • I like the “Dear Bear” onigiri box. I like the way he’s sitting on his little chair, like a little kid who’s trying his best to look very obedient and good (but who is almost definitely plotting some sort of trouble). Plus “dear bear” is a great visual (but not aural!) rhyme.

  • Chrissie

    My favorite Item is the Shinzi Katoh Red Hood 1L Glass Tea Canister. It just looks great and I love tea.

  • Cathy

    What a difficult decision to make, that site has some really gorgeous items on it. I think I have to go for the Shinzi Katoh Bento Box Accessories Ringo Mayo Apple because it is something I have been looking out for.

  • Ashley

    The hungry bee box is absolutely adorable. The other stuff is fun, too… I like the little apple cups 🙂

  • Fab box! I had been so jealous of Megan’s – you had both filled the box to beautifully!

    So many to choose from, but I love the ringo mayo container best!

  • Torin

    I can’t choose between the Cute Red Hood and the Dear Bear one…
    I really like the color and lid on the Cute Red Hood bento, but I just ♥ teddy bears >.<
    But I'm a big eater so I would probably get the Cute Red Hood bento, 2 deck ver heehee ^^v

  • Sarrow

    My favorite item is the slim-bento-box–pretty-alice style. I also confess I love the tea for two bunny set.

  • Pam D

    I am so torn between the monkey box and the pretty alice box with all the matching accessories…

  • koolchicken

    I love Shinzi Katoh boxes, they’re really cute but an adult could carry one and not feel silly! I think I like the Shinzi Katoh Bento Box ~ 2 Deck Cute Red Hood box the best. :0)

  • I have been following you for almost almost 6 months, I love your talent and posts and recently had time to read you frequently asked questions about yourself… I am doing a long post on children’s bento boxes… and I wanted to include a guest interview from you and add your url for others to see your work.. I have 7 short questions that I would love to ask you to add to my post… If you are interested please email me at the post will go up friday am the 21st. Thank you

  • my favorite is the Shinzi Katoh Cutlery Set ~ Little Girl With A Red Hood.

  • my favourite would be shinzi katoh’s double deck bento box – hungry bee. pretty!

  • For some reason I keep going back to the Frog Tea For Two. I love it!

  • Christina

    I love the Tea for Two Bunnies Set! Sooo cute!

  • Katy R

    I LOVE the Shinzi Katoh Bento Box ~ 2 Deck Cheri! I’m majoring in French in college so it is a perfect match for me when I go to class! 🙂

  • Cat

    I can’t decide between the Red Hood 1L Glass Tea Canister or the Tea for Two Frog Set. They are both so adorable! Thank you for showing me this site <3

  • OMG, I love all of these items. But I think the Shinzi Katoh Bento Box ~ 2 Deck Cute Red Hood is my favourite one!

    Thank you for this great contest and your inspiring entries!

  • Ms.T

    I love the Ringo Furikake bottle set. The apple shape is the cutest!

  • Scout

    My post dissappeared also. I Love all the boxes. However, the double tiered red riding hood is so cute!

  • leslie

    The Riding Hood box is adorable. A great size for someone that is always dieting! I really like the way that she has put a design on the side of the box, as well as the top. It adds a lot! Really Adorable!
    I think that all of the boxes that Shinzi Katoh designed are fabulous! If I have to pick one that I like as much as the Riding Hood one, I think the one that I would choose/use the most would be the Shinzi Katoh 4 Piece Nesting Set ~ Cheri. The four pieces give you more to work with (assuming you have a strap to go with)… one large one, or two little ones, or one large and one tiny…. etc.
    Hey! Baby Girl brought a bento! Excellent!! You are making progress for sure. Poor Buddy, though! It’s so hard to be left out! 😀 What would you do if they both wanted a bento on the same day…. faint? lol

  • Tai

    the shinzi katoh naughty pinnochio bento is too cute, and I bookmarked the site! ^_^ thanks pikko!

  • Shinzi Katoh boxes are the cutest! I can’t decide whether I like the Pretty Alice or the Naughty Pinocchio better, but all of those boxes are completely adorable.

  • hey — not entering the contest since i already have this box (thanks so much for linking to my post!), but just wanted to say how cute i think the blossoms are, and the leaves are a great clever idea… i will definitely be copying soon 🙂

  • Kayti

    I love the 2 Deck Pretty Alice box. I also really love the Red Riding Hood box, but Alice is such a great book, so I am going to pick that over the Red Riding Hood stuff.

  • I have totally been coveting those ringo mayo containers ever since I saw them on lunchinabox forever ago!

  • Okwes

    i like the Shinzi Katoh Double Deck Bento Box ~ Hungry Bee


  • erisgrrrl

    I L-O-V-E Shinzi Katoh but it is generally out of our price range! It was really hard to choose a favorite! But, that rabbit “tea for two” set is beyond adorable!!!

  • Oh my gosh! I love the Double Deck Bento Box in Hungry Bee and the Classic Ipod Sticker in Autumn Day. Gorgeous! I need these!

    Really I just need any sort of traditional bento box. I love them!

  • Sandy

    Wow – I love the Tea Set for Two – Frog Set – too cute!! Plus the Ringo Mayo accessory is adorable!. Thanks for linking the site.

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  • Melody

    It was so hard to choose! I went with Shinzi Katoh Double Deck Bento Box ~ Hungry Bee. It is SO cute!

  • Jasmine McClain

    Wow I love all the things they have! lol The thing that most caught my eye was the tea for two bunnie set. I have been obsessed with the bunnies since calling Desmond bunny all the It has a cute little bunny poking out the top!! Ack! Adorable.

  • Juskarath

    I love the Shinzi Katoh 4 Piece Nesting Set ~ Cheri. I just can’t say no to cat designs. I’m actually tempted to get i because I still haven’t chosen a bento box to buy for myself. The red riding hood box is also adorable. 🙂

  • I love the Shinzi Katoh items! They’re all so adorable. However, my favorite, no contest, is the “2 Deck Pretty Alice”.

    I actually don’t have any bento boxes right now, so if I got this, it would be my first, and what a coincidence, because my name is Alice 🙂 and I named myself when I was little after the character Alice in “Alice in Wonderland”. It’s almost like fate ^__^

    Thanks for a chance at the giveaway! I <3 your blog!

  • Faye

    Shinzi Katoh Pretty Alice bento box!

  • hypothermya

    I really love the Shinzi Katoh Red Riding Hood Tea for Two set. 🙂

  • Emily

    I like the Red Riding Hood and the Hungry Bee.

  • Lisa Kinney

    I love the Cheri lunch tote. So cute!!

  • Angelene

    LOVE this MOST…

    Shinzi Katoh Thermal Trekking Bottle ~ Lady Bird!

    Just the right thing to have for the coming SPRING:)


  • Carmen

    I like the hinzi KatohNaughty Pinocchio Collapsible Sandwish Case. The case could fold flat is a great idea!

  • I love the Shinzi Katoh Chan Dear Bear 2 Tray Mini Lunch Box, I’ve been craving for an onigiri box type 🙂 and it’s so adorable!

  • Ting

    Shinzi Katoh Chan Dear Bear 2 Tray Mini Lunch Box is very cute. I love onigiri and triangle is my favorite shape of it!!

  • Marlies

    Not a difficult decision. I love the Shinzi Katoh Slim Bento Box ~ Pretty Alice. It’s quite small I think, but I like the design better than the other Alice boxes, because of the hearts and rabbits at the side!

  • I love the insulted bags. I have a ton of cooler bags (big and small) at home because my family is always on the go and having them around is always nice. The prettier, the nicer! 🙂 But I also like the nano covers. Those are really pretty!

  • Courtney

    I’m probably too late to win but I love the Perch bento box, I love trees so it’s perfect to me 😀

  • Shinzi Katoh Chopsticks ~ Good Afternoon at–good-afternoon.html

    ah, its so simple and cute. it could probably make a lot of things more tasty. X)

    im in scotland and people always ask me why i use chopsticks to eat my lunch. and i always answer ‘because i can’ *proudness*

    probably to late to win but this site is so nice! just to satisfy my bento craze everyday. X) keep it up! FIGHTING!

  • Aimee S.

    I like this one: Shinzi Katoh Perch Bento Box

  • chassy-chan

    i absoluuuuutely adore the bento box- metallic pink rabbit!!!<3