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Furikake Salmon Salad (130)

As you can tell from the salads and lack of rice lately, I’m really trying to get back into losing weight. After finding out that I weigh 9 pounds more than ImperialNinja, my co-admin at Allakhazam, I really must get those last few pounds out of the way. There’s mayo on this, but maybe only a tablespoon or so, which makes this a 2 point lunch I guess?

Furikake Salmon Salad

I’ve been really bad with cucumbers this year. I love to eat them but I always forget about them and by the time I’m ready to eat some for lunch, they’re already going bad. This seems like an odd salad, I know, but I’m going to make it even weirder! I have a hard time eating salmon without soy sauce, so this is going to be a salmon/soy sauce/salad, haha!

Yesterday was a pretty bad day for me, but we got 3 batches of bad news so hopefully that’s the end of it. First, Randy Couture resigns from the UFC. To people who don’t watch, obviously this news doesn’t mean much, but I enjoy UFC and I was very sad to hear this as Randy was one of my favorite fighters. Then, my boss pulls me into his office and lets me know that he only has enough funding to keep me around for 3 more months. Yeah, mad bummer. The icing on that assmatastic cake of lame was that I got into a little fight with my mom. We made up, but it still sucked ass obviously. Anyway, like I said, I hope that’s the end of all that.

You think having a cute lunch blog would look good during an interview? ^_-