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Asian Food Grocer Winners

This afternoon was a disastrous, sweaty affair. I got a call from Mr. Pikko fifteen minutes before Buddy needed to be picked up before a $10 fee was charged to us for late pickup. The car wouldn’t start. I had to bike down to his office (on the way home) and give him my key to try. Since it was late, he said I should bike down to the school to sign him out.

Once there, I checked in with Mr. Pikko and the key still wouldn’t turn, so I had to put Buddy on my bike and walk in heels down to Baby Girl’s after school program. My feet were killing me and Buddy informed me of something distressing.

“Mommy, my nuts hurt.”

We got Baby Girl and checked in again. We had to walk home. My feet were killing me because of my heels. I was wearing black and the sun was beating down on me. Baby Girl said we were getting good exercise and Buddy disagreed. Her proof that it was good exercise?

“Mommy’s kinda fat.”

I gave her this amused look of horror and she’s like, “What? I said kinda.”

Maybe I need to get back on WW right away after all…

Curry Bento

This is a beef curry bento that I made yesterday, though I didn’t bother to include the curry in the photo because it’s just a brown sloppy mess of curry. In the side dishes, I packed rice and then some fruits and veggies. There’s half a nectarine, three strawberries, and six sugar snap peas that I grew myself! I’d picked them that morning, so they were like super duper fresh when I ate them for lunch. 😀

Last week, I hosted a review and giveaway for Asian Food Grocer. With a total of 52 entries, today I draw the winners of the two $20 gift cards!

Asian Food Grocer Winners

Winner #1 is…

AFG Winner 1

Congrats Ohira Kyou!

Winner #2 is…

AFG Winner 2

Congrats Cindy!

I’ll be contacting you both and once I get a claim reply, I’ll send you the code to use! Thank you everyone for entering! Be sure to keep an eye out for my product reviews of the items I bought.

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  • Thank you for hosting the giveaway! I’m excited to try some new things!

  • Oh no what a disaster indeed! I always have a pair of crocs in my office and a pair of rubber slippahs in my car for reasons like these. I hate walking in heels. You and your family is funny! Buddy’s nuts hurt. LOL!

  • Laura in Texas

    Ouch, baby girl! Kinda fat does not help Mommy. Hang in there. Between her comment and poor Buddy’s nuts, I think you need a do-over day!

  • Ohira Kyou

    XD Nice! It’s always interesting how the worst days make for the best stories.

    Aside from RSS feeds, I haven’t been giving myself the time to look at much bento stuff recently. So, when that email came in, it was a really nice surprise and also a reminder of what I’ve been missing. Some truly great things have been posted here recently, especially your birds in a nest and FFXI cake. It would be tough to eat something like those….Until you got hungry enough; then, it would probably be pretty easy. Hunger can be the greatest spice and also the greatest motivation at the same time.