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Survivor Bento and Lost Party Pictures

I’ve got pictures of the event yesterday as well as spoiler comments about the finale itself, but all this will be after the cut with another warning so that people still on prior seasons know where to stop reading.

We’re having our monthly potluck today, so I have no bento to eat today. I do however, have an old bento to share!

This is a Survivor bento that I made when I applied for Survivor back in, I think, 2007.

The idea behind it was to restrict my ingredients to items I’ve seen on the show. Since tonight brings us to the point just before this Sunday’s finale, I figure it’s a good time to bust this old thing out. Hopefully Thursday, May 14 2009 is the day we see the rise of the Dragon Slayer Slayer. DOWN WITH COACH! Seriously dude, you were great TV, but I’ve had my fill. AAAHHHAAAGGGH! (that’s my text version of a Coach scream)

The “bento box” is made out of a coconut shell. I had no method to making it, I just whacked a coconut with a hammer and hoped for the best. I bought an old coconut at the Kam Swap Meet so that it would detach from the inside easily.

The box is lined with ti-leaf, which is easily replaced with a large tropical leaf. I bought some blue crab poke and boiled it to get some color into it. I cut the coconut stars with a knife and then roasted them in a pan. In one season, they find wild pineapples, so I put some sliced pineapple. Occasionally during reward challenges they’ll give them chickens so that they can eat eggs, so I put a sliced boiled egg in. The onigiri is of course plain rice with no salt. I cut the Survivor ‘S’ out of the leaf.

Now, repeat after me: Coach must go! Coach must go! Coach must go!

After work yesterday I headed down to Dave & Busters to go see the LOST finale. On the way down there it seemed like I wasn’t even going to get there in time. For one, I tapped the car parked behind me in the parking lot. Luckily, I hit their license plate and there’s no mark on my van. Then there was traffic on University due to a stall, so while I left here with 45 minutes to spare, it took me 10 minutes to get onto the freeway. It’s supposed to take less than five.

Traffic like that when I need to be somewhere is of course frustrating, so in my flustered state I missed the off-ramp, thus putting me in Chinatown traffic, then downtown traffic. I finally got there with 5 minutes to spare. I reach for my invitation and find that I’ve dropped it somewhere. *sigh* The lady was going to let me in anyway, but then a woman came up behind me and gave it to me. She’d picked it up when I dropped it. I got a lucky number ticket and went in to get some food.

There weren’t any real healthy choices, so I didn’t take much, just a few things to pick at. I ordered edamame later and that was enough to fill me up. I introduced myself to Dan and Mahea from KITV News This Morning and they were surprised I was young, which was nice to hear after the old-fart-feeling last month. They thought I wanted to remain anonymous, which is actually pretty hilarious since anyone that talks to me for 10 minutes will find out I have a serious problem about not shutting up about bentos.

The show started at 6 and after the intro, everyone went “Awww!” when we saw there were commercials until they revealed this was when they would draw numbers. Sadly, I won nothing. *sob*

Dan and Mahea were emceeing for a bit before the start, giving the results of their online contest posing the question, “Who would you rather be stuck on a deserted island with?” (between the two of them) I answered Dan, cause I can’t really lift more than 40 pounds. This does not bode well for survival.

Dan Miesenzahl interviews one of the lucky number winners.

The upper section of the showroom.

They had an HD projector there, which made for some pretty bitchin’ LOST viewing. I took this during the recap intro, then went to sit down and didn’t take any more screen pics. It looks nice and clear though, doesn’t it?

Paula Akana gave out grab bags during each commercial break. Here she is interviewing the youngest Lostie there. We have no idea who she likes on the show because she had a mouth full of crackers.

Adam from Star 101.9 took over the commercial break giveaways after Paula had to leave. He gave out a bunch of Dave & Busters stuff. I could have won something as all the questions were easy, but I don’t even have room in my kitchen for all my bento stuff, so I decided not to answer anything.

***Spoilers coming now!***

  • I was shocked that they basically answered the “What lies in the shadow of the statue?” riddle in the intro, cause I mean, Jacob’s lying on the beach eating fish and just chillin’, right? Then they show the statue, so the answer ends up being Jacob.
  • I loved that they showed the Black Rock in the intro, too cool!
  • WHOA! They reference back to Jack’s counting thing, something I just blogged about last week! That tripped me out. I was kinda bummed that Jack’s version was different from the real one though. I don’t know if this was because Jack sensationalized it to make himself sound awesomer to the hawt chick that just walked out of the jungle or if it was a continuity error where they forgot he’s not supposed to be a whiny ass 5 year-old in a 30 year-old body. I can picture Buddy doing this version: “I dun WANT to go TIMEOUT. I not your FRIEND!”
  • $%#@ing Korean wedding scene. *mutter* Well, I’ll try to look at it as an opportunity to be in a better scene next season, cause they didn’t show many of the faces in the attendance. Still… #$&@!
  • “I don’t know, but his Korean is excellent.” HAHAHA!
  • When Jacob’s reading the book by Flannery O’Connor, I told the woman sitting next to me that I bet a lot of people buy that book today. LOL!
  • I loved the part with Rose and Bernard. Jenn thinks they’re Adam and Eve, but then when you think back, the bodies had a black stone and a white stone. The bodies seem more likely to represent the first bodies of Jacob and his nemesis, before they became whatever it is they are now which don’t age.
  • I was waiting for Claire to hop out of the jungle when Ilana said, “Someone else has been using it.” Shucks.
  • Nadia being rammed by a car was sad and all, but damn that was so cliche. What is this? Final Destination: LOST?
  • While I liked the action in Jack and Sayid’s escape from mysterious tunnels that can only be entered via water and exited via a random Dharma home, (seriously, how the hell did they get the bomb down there?) I was a little annoyed by Jack’s gun, which apparently holds like 15 rounds. It’s odd, but I really enjoyed Jack’s smile when the van opened and he saw Jin. It just felt nice.
  • The Ben/Locke stuff was pretty zzz until the end, of course. That and “I’m a picses.” LOL!
  • Jacob flashbacks to the Losties were cool and all, but for me the hands down best part was stuff that happened at the Swan. From all of them cringing, waiting for the end as the bomb fell to Radzinsky noobing up his escape with the jeep to Miles yelling out, “DAD!”.  I loved all of it.
  • And finally:

Heart. Broken. Seriously, that was gutwrenching, especially when she’s screaming, “I love you, James!” I always liked that she insisted on calling him by his first name. I didn’t cry at the party, but still, that was extremely painful to watch. Sawyer’s line should be the next “dramatic love meme” like how Daniel Day Lewis’ line from Last of the Mohicans is.

Nathaniel: I WILL FIND YOU!


I think Nathaniel’s been ousted!

As if that wasn’t sad enough, I started to think back to previous seasons when Sawyer is living in the hatch and Juliet’s body is lying just a few feet away, encased in concrete. Oh man, too much. As you can tell, I’m of the opinion that she does in fact explode the bomb. I’ll be really ticked if they do something to rescue her.

You’d think that at least one of them, most notably Miles, would speak up and say, “Hey guys, you know if you never cause your plane to crash, you’ll never end up here. That means you’ll never travel back in time to stop the Incident. That means that your plane will crash anyway, which means your plan makes no sense at all!”

I am also in the camp that feels that Jacob is referring to the Losties when he says, “They’re coming.” It’s rather anti-climactic to say that he’s talking about Ilana’s group. The cuts clearly show he is talking about the original Flight 815 people. I’d still like to know just what the point of the numbers are.

My prediction for next season’s content: the war between good and evil that Charles talks about. Is Widmore being duped into working for the smoke monster? Whose side is he on??

In closing, here’s something the Bat Pat sketched today: