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Boiled Salmon Rice Bento

No bento for Mr. Pikko today since he didn’t need one today. Tomorrow we’re having an office fondue party, which sounds really good. I’ll be posting a book review and hopefully my new contest as well.

Today I’m trying a third bento recipe from Easy Japanese Cooking: Bento Love, which is the Boiled Salmon Rice Bento. It sounded easy and I had salmon in the fridge I had to cook, so it was an good solution.

I might have messed up the sauce because when I tasted it, it was very bland. It’s possible I accidentally read “1 1/2 tsp” as “1 tsp”. I know I messed up the boiling of the salmon because when I went to flake it, the inside was still a bit raw. The book didn’t tell me how long to boil the fish. If you’re wondering where I got this sexy wooden box, check out my review of it here. The box is available from Life Without Plastic.

Unfortunately, this made us late for school and Baby Girl got there just as the second bell rang yet again. Oops. I’ll probably eat this with soy sauce or nori paste to add more flavor. I’ll be sure to check my book to see if I did simply do the recipe incorrectly.

In the second tier, I have soy beans topped with some sea salt, ahi shoyu poke, and assorted pickles. Even with the purple it seemed lacking in color, so I couldn’t resist adding the tomato. Grape or cherry tomatoes always seem to be a quick and easy fix for suddenly making your bento pop, so I highly recommend keeping a small container of one in your fridge at all times. When they start to get old, simply saute them with garlic and onions and you’ve got a nice bento side dish.

This bento seems like a whole lot of food, so I might split it up during the day and just eat when I get hungry. I used some of my frozen rice.

Someone commented yesterday asking me for the recipe for my crab tamagoyaki and unfortunately there really isn’t one. I simply scrambled two eggs, mixed in the chopped imitation crab, a splash of milk, a splash of soy sauce, sprinkled some dashi granules in, and added a bit of water to dilute the dashi. I fried it with olive oil and that was it! I’m Little Miss Lazyholic when it comes to tamagoyaki as it is, so while I was in the mood I figured I’d better not spoil things by trying to go look up some recipe and complicating things. It turned out really yummy!!

I got my first LOST paycheck the other day and I was so, so thrilled! I’ve got two more coming since this was only for one day, too! Yes, I got paid to watch people make one of my favorite TV shows and to stand around right by famous actors. I need to submit new photos of myself to casting since the ones they have are me with highlights. I’ve dyed my hair black.

It’s actually just an excuse to poke them and be like, “Hey… heh heh, I’m still around. I’d still love to help!” They already know I have black hair. But hey, whatever works right?

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  • Nice traditional bento!

  • Nice traditional bento!
    Oops…forgot to say great post! Looking forward to your next one.

  • Pikko, your tamagoyaki turned out really nice. Isn’t it just awesome when you just go with your flow in the kitchen and it turns out even better than you expected?

    Yay on the Lost paycheck!

  • That box is beautiful, but I don’t know if I can justify paying $60 for it! I guess I don’t have to worry since it’s currently sold out ^_^

    I do like the size of it and the fact that it has dividers.
    Did you know they have a picture of your bento on the product page?

  • Nicole: No, I didn’t know, but cool! Yeah, I think the price makes it a “omg please me this for Christmas” kind of bento box. 🙂

    Astrorainfall: I’m just shocked it didn’t superglue itself to my pan like it usually does! lol

  • Yvo

    You did not just tell people to put tomatoes in the fridge. Noooooo! They only go in the fridge when tehy’re about to go bad otherwise they go soft and mushy and yucky!!!

    Yay for lost and boiled salmon rice, hmm, sounds easy and tasty… if we fix the sauce?

  • Hey I’ve left them on my counter before and believe me, they don’t last very long! They get soft and wrinkly amd moldy outside my fridge. In my fridge, they’re still nice and firm. Maybe you’re thinking of big tomatoes? Or maybe Hawaii is just too muggy!!

  • This post inspired me to buy the book – I would love to find a way to have more salmon in my diet!

    Congrats on the Lost check – hope you get many more call backs!

  • Mer

    Looks great!