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Meatball Bento (157)

Last night Baby Girl had her Christmas program and she was chosen to be in the finale. They assigned her to carry the ‘C’ in MERRY CHRISTMAS and we were of course quite proud of this since not every child gets to be in the finishing number. They come filing out and she’s looking looking looking for us and starts dilly-dallying until she lags behind so much that the sign now says MERRY HRISCTMAS and Mr. Pikko is laughing his ass off saying, “Our daughter ruined Christmas!” Afterward, we took his parents to their first trip to Genki Sushi, which was fun!

Having no leftovers to use for my bento I busted out my frozen Aidell’s stash of meatballs and cooked a cup of rice for onigiri. I added carrot sticks and edamame but it still looked rather dull in color so I used some of my animal food dividers, which just waste away in my cabinet. If you listen carefully you can hear them all giggling with glee at being used in a bento!

Meatball Bento

A wonderful friend and co-worker has very kindly taken up a campaign to get me more Bloggers Choice Awards votes for Best Food Blog this year and I felt that for his efforts in spreading the word about my blog I owed him a personal thanks here. <3! I have to admit I’d started to get a little sluggish on my bento enthusiasm after Fan Fest and with Christmas stressing and work overload, but seeing how much effort he put into getting people to read my blog and vote for me has brought back my bento drive.