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Rooster Bento

We went to Toys R Us yesterday after a doctor’s appointment and managed to score DVD/Blu-Ray combo packs for both Toy Story and Toy Story 2 for a grand total of $5.58 after coupons. Mr. Pikko had printed some out from Slick Deals and since they come with a ticket to Toy Story 3 on each one, we basically got them for free and more.

While we were at the store, I saw a display for New Moon and it made me realize that I haven’t done any Twilight bentos. I’ll have to think of something to do. Maybe I’ll enter the Hamilton Library Edible Book contest with a Twilight theme!

Rooster Bento

This is the final charaben from the Scrapbooks, Etc. Piece Talk section that I’ve used for making spring bento. I couldn’t find the copy, so I busted out some cardstock cutouts I had of this rooster and used that to cut the cheese for him. Using cardstock actually made cutting the cheese even easier than normal. I may have to look into using transparency sheets so that I can simply wash and re-use templates.

The rooster is cut from two types of cheese: American Swiss and regular American cheese. I painted the combs, arms, and body with a toothpick, using red for the combs and then added 3 drops of yellow to the leftover red. Leslie had expressed concern that it probably takes me a while to paint a larger surface of cheese with a toothpick, but I can assure you all that if you lay the toothpick flat, it paints it in no time. I was able to make this chicken in about 10 minutes. (though the template was already cut)


He’s actually supposed to be holding a paint brush to paint eggs, but I didn’t really think it was needed. He rests on top of some Shrimp Quinoa Salad that I made this morning. As usual, I found the recipe via foodgawker. That’s seriously my first stop for recipes now.

In the other tier I have half a sliced plum, clementine slices, and a little basket of sour jellybeans. Usually I don’t like putting candy in a bento, but I couldn’t resist the cute pastel colors. Miraculously, the cover fit even with the basket!

For today’s Bento Hoodlum photo, I have my little friends having themselves a little food fight!

Tomato Fight

I had a basket of old cherry tomatoes wrinkling up, so I gave it to them to eat. Apparently Kamaboko thought it would be hilarious to start throwing pieces of tomato at Tonkatsu and Wasabi. As you can see, Tonkatsu is about to fire back and Wasabi is waving a white flag, wanting to be left alone to eat his yummy tomato!

I have way too much fun with these guys. I now take them practically everywhere with me. D:

It’s been a while since I posted any Docubentory stuff, so here’s a couple more:

Box #020 is one of the earliest bento boxes I saw online. I wanted to get this one first, but ended up with the red urara instead. Eventually Marukai started carrying this after teasing me with just chopsticks.

I got this one a very long time ago at the Marukai 99 cent store at Windward Mall. I saw it by chance in the plastic baskets section back when the place was a horrible mess.

What did you all think of LOST last night? Richard’s story has been one that I’ve been looking forward to for forever and it was so satisfying to finally hear about it. I teared up a lot watching that last scene. Emotional episodes always stay with me for a long time and I’m sure this one will be the same. I’ll have to rank it third, right behind Desmond and Penny’s phone call and Juliet’s scene in the finale. Right behind it comes Sun’s graveyard sobfest and Sawyer’s helicopter leap. Keep an eye on today, as supposedly Carlton Cuse reveals the title of the series finale!