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Udon for Lunch

Yesterday I stayed home, so I ended up eating Subway even though I have a picture of a bento, which I will probably eat tomorrow so as not to waste it. It’s got turkey croquette, woo! I didn’t make a bento today because I thought I was going to get a free lunch at Hanaki at Manoa Marketplace, but turns out my co-worker moved it to next Wednesday and forgot to inform me! Anyway, we’re going to go eat at some Japanese place at the Stan Sherriff Center since I have no food. D: I’ll post pics later today!



So here is what I ended up eating for lunch yesterday! We went to fiscal first so ended up arriving at Aja at like almost 2 pm, which meant they were out of a lot of food. They had no beef left and no vegetable tempura either, so I just got the plain tempura udon instead of the combo one. It was $5.75 for this and it was okay. Not the best, really, but decent for the price and location. It really made me miss the Nabeyaki Udon from Suehiro.

Suehiro was this great Japanese restaurant on King Street where Gyotaku is now. They had, hands down, the best nabeyaki udon you ever tasted. Second place goes to Yamagen, also on King Street right next to Longs. Third place can go to Sushi Ten by Waimalu Shopping Center. Suehiro’s nabeyaki udon was divine. I can still smell it… the broth was on the sweet side, the chicken was so tender, the egg nicely half cooked, the veggies just turning translucent, the shrimp tempura… ohhh.

Okay, I have to stop. *sob*

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