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Hello Kitty Stew Bento (226)

We took a trip to Windward Mall this past weekend and while there, I couldn’t help but step into the Sanrio store. The store is small, but holds very chic merchandise, unlike at the Pearlridge location which excels in cramming as much toddler mischief fodder and stuffed animals as it possibly can into a very small space. A clerk asked me if I was looking for anything in particular. You know what my answer was.

She led me to a shelf that had a lot of cute, but pretty standard bento boxes with the usual burning hot price tags. I wasn’t really going to buy anything, but then she brought out this shining beacon of bento excellence:

I will give you all a moment to catch your breath. I know you need it because this box is so awesome.

Her head opens up to reveal a big open area, which I used today to store grapes. It comes with a little container and I filled it with steamed asparagus and brought it along outside of Hello Kitty. Here she is opened up:


I know! EEEEE! I also found a set of Hello Kitty cookie cutters, which I will have to make for Baby Girl’s year-end party this month. I used it this morning to make my lunch though! As I mentioned yesterday, I made hamburger stew. It was still too tomatoey with not enough meat, but I made so much that I HAD to take some for lunch in order to make it so that the dog didn’t explode from over-stewage this weekend.

Hello Kitty Stew

I started off making the flowers first. Much to my dislike, I’d cut the rose potatoes into really small pieces, so when I needed to make these, I had to splice some pieces together. First, I fished out all the potato pieces and put them on a plate, then washed off the stew from them. After that, I began slicing them as evenly as I could to get a big enough surface area for my veggie cutter.

I used a straw to cut out the middle and then to insert the carrot middle. I poured all the scraps back into the stew, put it into the box, and then made the Hello Kitty onigiri, placing her in the middle. The flowers then got very gingerly arranged around her. Turned out pretty good, no?

Speaking of veggie cutters, I went to go look at J-list and found they had in stock a ton of great items you guys might want to pick up such as veggie cutters, food picks, those cute nori punches people ask about so much, HELLO KITTY EGG MOLD, Hello Kitty veggie cutter (!!!!!), and most amazingly this item: a Hello Kitty punch/onigiri set. O.M.G. These links are all my affiliate links, so if you were going to buy them anyway, help me out by clicking!! 😀 That onigiri/punch set though, to die for! I must have that.

Hey guess what, I figured out how to fix my calendar, yay!