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Beef Pasta Bento (303)

I’ve had great response for the new poll, with 333 votes being cast already! I’m starting to think maybe three weeks was a bit too long to set the poll. I’ll probably contact all the entrants and ask if it’s okay to shorten it to two weeks instead. I didn’t really think about it, but three weeks is practically a month! Also, don’t forget to enter the Furikake Frenzy drawing! That one is open all month. I’m sort of testing that one out. If it does well, I’ll continue it each month. If not, I may have to re-think my whole “print this pic and include it!” rule. I’m still excited though, I hope to see entries soon!

Today I’m having leftover Beef PastaHamburger Helper. Mr. Pikko loves this stuff and I bought enough to feed an elementary school at a sale once and so now we have all these boxes of HH that expired last December. Oops.

Beef Pasta Bento

I’ve also started something new today. I’m taking photos using scrapbooking paper backgrounds! Up until now I’ve been using material that I buy at Walmart and stuff, but I could never really seem to find nice, light, pretty materials to use. The 12×12 sheets are just right to use as backgrounds and there are OODLES of ones that can fit from my stash.

I need to thank Lisa for coming up with an awesome term for my tutorials: bentorials! I love puns, so this is just too hilarious and fitting to pass up. You rock, Lisa!

Today’s lunch is pretty simple. Just plop, plop, plop, garnish. I know this seems like a weird thing to bento, cause Hamburger Helper sounds so college dorm, but it’s popular in the Pikko household. I prefer the lasagne though. Anyway, I just added rice, added the beef pasta, then orange cauliflower and broccoli, and finally garnished the main dish with two cilantro leaves and half a cherry tomato.

It occurs to me that people on the mainland probably don’t eat their Hamburger Helper with rice. I suppose subbing in mashed potatoes works too? Either that or use a smaller box and just put the stuff in with veggies. It’s easy to forget that rice is the lifeblood of Hawaii sometimes.

Mr. Pikko instated a “NO EATING IN THE CAR” rule last month some time, so when Buddy asked three times on the way to school for a bite of his sandwich, I had to say no all the way. Mr. Pikko stayed with him in the car while I dropped her off and when I got back, there was a tiny little bite taken out of the sandwich. Apparently this was okay since it was all in his mouth. When we got to Buddy’s school, Mr. Pikko is about to take him in when he looks at me, grins ear to ear, and yells, “I got to eat sammich in the caaaaaaaaaaaaar!” Barely three and mocking me already! +_+

I’ve added a link to Register as a user on my site and I suspect this will help people to know when I reply to a comment. WordPress emails me everytime someone comments and I think it will do the same for replies if you’re registered. If someone is willing to help me test this out, that would be awesome! 😀

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  • Alana Smithee

    When I make things that are Hamburger Helper-like, I don’t usually add any rice or potatoes because it’s already got noodles in it. We usually have a couple types of vegetables, or maybe one kind and a small soup or something. And some nice fruit for dessert. =)

  • Alana Smithee

    There, I registered! I hope this helps you out. =)

  • For me eating pasta with rice or potatoes both seem weird. It’s really a cultural thing – these three just don’t go together in Europe 🙂

  • Though rice is a staple food in my house, it’s unusual for us to eat either rice or potatoes with pasta. My mom says it’s too much starch or something*shrugs*

  • Yeah, I suppose it is, but we still eat this particular one with rice. We eat beef stroganoff with rice too!

  • Yes, it be good if the contest was only 2 weeks long. I can’t wait to see the results.

  • Deena T.

    I didn’t know you scrapped too!

  • Hey there – I found your blog on JapanSoc, and thought I’d come comment. Of course, I soc’d this entry, too! I was wondering if you would consider looking through your bentos for one that might fit the “Foreign Food” theme of this month’s Japan Blog Matsuri? (Or post a new one, of course!) I think it’d be a great addition. 🙂

  • I love using scrapbooking paper for backgrounds as well…I’m just hesitant to take it outside to photograph, and I’m always worried I’ll spill something on it in the kitchen…I can’t just wash it like the fabric!

  • Thanks for the “ono” pictures. You are a master.

  • Using scrapbooking paper is a great idea! I hope you don’t mind if I do that too, I have quite a stash.

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  • Is it bad I know what scrapbooking paper you used here *blush*

    Awesome bentorial, I really want to try making some bentos. Your blog is an awesome inspiration

  • looks tasty!