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Baby Shower!!

Yesterday I stayed home to take Buddy to the dermatologist so that’s why there was no bento. I ended up eating ramen by myself at the Ezogiku at Waimalu Shopping Center. I ordered Chuka ramen, not realizing this was made of mushrooms. I’d been thinking that my food allergy to mushrooms was no longer a problem, so I ate it and nothing happened. I think I’m finally in the clear! The allergist I took Baby Girl to said that some food allergies do go away, you just have to try again maybe every five years. Woohoo! Mushrooms on pizza, salad, ramen, udon, everything again! 😀

Today at work we had a very fun baby shower/farewell party for one of my co-workers. I signed up to bring onigiri and since she’s having a boy, I went with blue and yellow. I went for the “wow” factor and onigiri with faces always does that, guaranteed.

I got up at 5 am to do these because I had to cook two batches of rice. What I do is I add the food coloring to the water in the ricepot before I press the cook button. Three drops of coloring for 2 cups of rice gets me this shade of blue and yellow. I was very happy with how they turned out!! I used red shrimp flakes for the cheeks and nori for the faces. Many, many thanks to those that suggested I toast the nori before punching. That saved me TONS of time and nori!

Here’s a close-up of the lil’ guys. As hoped, I got many oohs and aahs and EEEEEKs and OMGs. Baby Girl came with me, having changed her mind about the splash party they were having at school. She ate a rather insane amount of them, around 8 or so. Kid approved, for sure!

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  • awww the look too adorable to eat XD!

    Yeah, the toasting does help. I buy my nori pretoasted over the internet, I use what I need and freeze the rest.

  • dlqh

    That is such a cute idea!

    It seems most people make their onigiri/musubi early in the morning. Can they be made the night before?

  • Susan

    Hi there. That is just the cutest thing! Any tips for brown rice onigiri or musubi? I’m thinking it won’t stick together. Need to make it for a friend who picked up a musubi mold for me while in Hawaii.

  • That’s just too adorable! I’m so making colored rice next time I make onigiri. 😀

    I wish people in my family didn’t have an allergy to seaweed or I’d totally make nori faces. I may get the punches anyway sometime, and use some other thinly sliced food, like carrot or something.

  • Kay

    Very cute and unique to bring to a baby shower.

  • KittyPants

    Careful with the mushrooms- sometimes overindulgence in a food to which you were previously allergic can bring back symptoms.

  • Wow those faces look like they took a while.

    Hey, what are shrimp flakes exactly?

  • Yvo

    Kawaii!!! Hmmm, I think you just changed your rss feed over – new site, eh? – because I am just now seeing your posts! Aieee!

  • Cindy

    Sis was super-touched! That was just awesome of all of you!

  • Pikko

    Dlqh: I think you can, but you run the likelihood of the rice being hard. You can always microwave it, but I prefer to have fresh, hot musubi to take.

    Susan: I’ve never tried brown rice, but I’m assuming you have to add more water to make sure it’s sticky enough to hold together.

    KittyPants: I will definitely be careful with it!!

    Luxx: It’s a product called “hana ebi” and it comes in red and green.

    Yvo: I totally messed up on my rss feed, so yeah, hopefully things are fixed now!!

    Cindy: Hopefully I can post a pic of us!!

  • @Susan: I’ve bought genmai japonica rice at my local (Fairfax, VA) Super H and at the (Columbus, OH) Tensuke Market‎. It’s regular sushi rise with the hull left on. I don’t rinse it before I put it in the rice cooker, and it sticks together just fine for onigiri.

  • shaka sherry

    really off topic but i forgot to ask in a prior post of yours. how do you easily clean the george foreman grill? I haven’t used mine yet b/c of this reason. really cute onigiri’s by the way. oh and i love your blog. especially the funny one’s with your kids!

  • Susan

    Thanks Great Stone Face. I don’t think we have that rice here on Guam. Pikko, I did make the musubi with half brown and half calrose but I soaked the brown rice over night. It turned out well. I will try brown rice by itself next time.