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And the winner is…

Congratulations are in order for Frances of Puerto Rico, who after a week of polling, came out on top with the most votes to win my 100K Bento Contest! Here is her entry again:

Great job, Frances!! Thank you to everyone who voted and entered the contest! Hopefully I can have an excuse for another one soon!

On to my own bento for today!

Meatball Bento

As you may notice, I have pink onigiri in it. Yesterday Mr. Pikko ate dinner late and so while I was bathing the kids, I heard him yell from the kitchen, “Why is the rice pink?!?” The answer to that can be found in one of the many conversations I’ve had with Baby Girl since the baby shower last Thursday:

“What do you want for breakfast?”
“Blue musubi please.”

“What shall we have for lunch?”
“Mmmm, I think red and green and blue musubis.”

“Why aren’t you eating your dinner?”
“Because I want little star musubis, Mommy…”

She inhaled 8 of these yesterday along with some Costco chicken. The lesson for parents here is that if you want a way to get your kids to eat craptons of rice just color it, shape it, and sprinkle on some furikake for the Ultimate Combo +1.

They ate them for breakfast, that’s why I have some in my bento. I have a mold that does a heart, a flower, a triangle, and a star all at once, so it’s a great mold! The only problem is that it’s pretty deep, so I have to water down the mold and then slap it down onto a cutting board to get the onigiri to come out.

I’ve got sliced strawberries next to the onigiri then on the other side two chicken meatballs (Aidell’s from Costco) skewered with my now favorite food picks. Next to that I’ve got some edamame. I made more rotisserie chicken soup so that’s why today’s bento is really small.

It never ceases to amaze me how small Hawaii is. I got an email about where to find bento gear and it was from my cousin’s husband’s aunty. It’s pretty hilarious how word can get around like that. And of course as icing on the cake, she’s from Hilo. lol