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Pork Hash Bento (232)

Okay so first order of business, pictures from the shower have been trickling into all of our email boxes at work and I wanted to post one of me and the happy mom-to-be with the onigiri dish I made for her shower. The ear to ear grin was exactly what I was aiming for! Woohoo! Still, don’t be fooled, she’s still the evil brownie source I mentioned a few weeks ago. I had to crop out my fat arm cause obviously all the brownie and caramel went there!!

There is something about today’s bento that is different but you won’t be able to tell what it is. I actually started making this bento *gasp* last night! Yes people, by some miracle combination of moon phase and day of the week, I actually started on my bento the night before! Not that it helped since I was still late for work today. At least I was on the right track though!

I started with the onigiri. I have a mold for these shapes and they just so happened to be a little too small for the box I chose so I put in some romaine lettuce leaves and that fixed it up quickly. I wrapped the onigiri in Korean style nori, which I think is called Qim, pronounced “kim”. This is secondhand info from Baby Girl through Uncle J, so don’t quote me on that. Next to that I have two pork hash patties cut in half and in quarters with sealife food dividers tucked in between. A sprig of parsley and a fish bottle of soy sauce fill up the back.

Pork Hash Bento

In the other section of the box I have sliced papaya, which I was able to sneak in since the kids were not up yet. I added a half strawberry to fill the empty space and gobbled up the other half.