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Donburi Bento and Class Photos

Today I have oyako donburi, but in a bento I put together rather hastily so that I could have a relaxing morning. I took the picture at work.

I’d brought green onions to chop up and put on top before the photo, but I found myself to be extremely lazy, so that ended that. The recipe for this can be found here. Don’t forget to enter my drawing for a Zojirushi Mr. Bento!

My weight loss didn’t do so well over the weekend. This morning I weighed in at 146 even, which puts me slightly above what I started at. Oops! 🙂 Still, I’m plugging along. I actually declined malasadas this morning. Before I’d have just snarfed one down. Also, in the two birthdays that have come up since I started eating better, I’ve taken only a half of a small slice for both instead of my usual large piece. Baby steps will get me there.

I held the postponed bento class on Saturday. There were eight students in this class and the bentos were ever so slightly different this time around due to a few changes I wanted to make and some forgetfulness on my part. I messed up a couple of big things, namely showing up at 9 AM when I was supposed to be there at 8:30 to set up, but the cooking plus getting Baby Girl occupied really set me back. Also, I’m not taking her next time unless Grandma J can come. She drove me nuts, chasing me around with a empty paper towel roll and whacking me on the ass with it. *sigh*

The Temari director wasn’t there either as she’s on a trip, so it was basically me and Baby Girl. While I was cooking, she kept nagging me that the teachers were going to be mad that we were late. I told her, “We are the teachers.” This blew her mind.

Here is one of my students making her shaped sammies for the kid’s bento. We made turkey sandwiches this time instead of bologna.

Baby Girl was actually paying attention to what I was teaching and when I wasn’t looking, made her own bento on the side, which shocked the pants off me. I mean, she’d been asking for things every five minutes, but when she showed it to me all put together I was really happy. Too bad I forgot to take a picture. Still, I got this hilarious photo of her showing off her heart sandwich.

I was surprised to find out that three of my students in this class were blog readers. This lady was one of them! Sorry for the bigass heart on your face, but I never know who doesn’t want to have their face online, so I put that there just in case. If you’re okay with having it up, just let me know. If I teach this class again I’m going to make sure they make their kids bentos more compact. Everyone had a hard time getting the cover on.

Here’s someone making their musubi. Everyone came up with very unique and cute happy faces!

Take this one as an example. She put the eyes on differently than the punch does and it came out so cute! Plus, she used mouths from another punch as bangs. Very inventive!

Here’s the bento that I made. It has no face on the onigiri cause Baby Girl came up and picked them off and ate them. As you can see, this time I made dashimaki tamago and brought sugar snap peas. I forgot to bring the mandarin oranges, so in the middle of teaching them I had to figure out what the heck to do. We ended up putting baby carrot sticks in, though they didn’t fit in mine.

This woman was a first time bento maker, so she seemed very happy with everything, which made me happy! I love biting people with the bento bug.

A student with her finished adult bento. I love how she put a carrot heart on the onigiri!

This guy is a blog reader and my first male student! I thought this onigiri was the coolest and he paid very strict attention to the details and layout. I hope this shows the men out there that this hobby really isn’t just for us ladies!

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  • Heather/Havocmangawip

    I just have to say these are all so lovely and lunch today looks great. At the anime convention, ACen that I commented about in LJ one of your advertisers was there. “Happy Japan”. Spendy but so much fun and so very nice. (AND they had stuff I’ve never seen before!) The person on register didn’t know much about bento but he didn’t mind at ALL when I was explaining to a guy what he needed to start up with and things he would find “hard to live without” or “hard to find”. I came away with my pockets lighter and a panda 2 tier bento and a grey 2 tier snack box. (AND some other really fun stuff… cube rice “balls” anyone with a heart??)

    The guy getting into bento really liked the idea of portion control, variety, saving money, a peaceful lunch break and the reduced stress on the environment with bento. He was also relieved when I told him there were LOTS of things to put in a bento that don’t require cooking 😉

  • Oh that’s so cool! I know some people that were at that convention to host an FFXI panel too! Too funny that one of my advertisers were also there! Bento is on the verge of being big!!

  • Awesome 🙂 It looks like the classes have been very successful 🙂 We have our workshop at AnimeNext next month 😮 We did it last year too for the first time and there are definitely a few things we’re doing differently this time around. Any tips for us? 😀 I think we’ll have a group of 30 to 40 (was supposed to be 30 last year and we ended up doing 40 as that was as many bento sets I had brought and made the room tight)

  • Wow, 40 sounds rough. I was told to keep it to 10 to make it easier. I guess if there are a lot of you though, that is fine. Hmm, tips… hard to say since I don’t know what kind of bentos you’ll be doing. You should think about buying disposable bento boxes though, that’s what I use!

  • It was kinda rough for the first time – especially since the rice maker didn’t want to make a second batch right after the first – This year I’m hoping to borrow my sister’s and have a second one. We charge a $5 fee and they get to keep a bento set – last year it was two-tier bento boxes w/ belt, bag, egg mold and a few other accessories (we definitely spent way more that the $5/person) – This year I am using single tiers so it’s a little easier and doesn’t need the belt (I have a mix of them from ichibankanusa for it 🙂 and I’m doing the eggs in the egg molds ahead of time.
    The part that stinks is that they changed location for this year and last year we had decided we’d buy stuff from WalMart and Sam’s that was walkable from the hotel – Grrr – lol

  • Wow you only charge $5??? Don’t you lose money that way? I would think you’d at least like to break even!

  • Samantha

    Cuuute! I wish I could go to one of your bento classes! But I live on the other side of the country in Maryland. Saddest of days!

  • Pikko, your class looks like a lot of fun. It’s fantastic that you are taking your hobby to another level. Kudos to having Baby Girl in your class, too. Awww…. like mother like daughter.

  • Cree

    I wish I could have made your bento class. I got excited when you said you had openings, but then I realized I couldn’t go. Your daughter is so cute with her heart sandwich! Hopefully I can make it to your next one! It looked fun!

  • Tiffany

    These are awesome, I wish I lived near you to take a class. I can’t believe you passed up malasadas. It’s been so long since I’ve had some!

  • Kashmirkat (Tammy)

    Yeah, we definitley lose money – hopefully not as much this year since I’m using the single tier that don’t need the belt 🙂 As much as we spend just to go to AnimeNext, it seems like a small expense – lol 🙂