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Chicken & Onigiri Bento (247)

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I got scoldings from one of my coworkers already. She said I wasn’t supposed to mail the whole office about the giveaway! Oops! Meanwhile Kaolian, one of my Allakhazam co-workers began wailing when he saw how many people have entered so far. The giveaway will remain open for one week, closing this Friday.

I had a pretty spiffy weekend. Saturday was UFC 87 and we went to our friend Gonzo’s house to help him break in his new apartment. He told us it started at 3, so when we got there at 3:40 only to find out that something was wrong with the cable ordering, we thought all was lost. Fortunately, it actually started at 4 and Mr. Pikko was able to hax into his cable box by typing in the leet secret default password. Tragically, Mr. Hubba-Hubba Roger Huerta lost. *sniff sniff* In other news, GSP kept his title and Brock Lesnar is a dick. lol

We had a good ole Costco chicken for lunch and dinner yesterday, so I cut up some cubes and used the new teddy bear picks I got at Marukai. The chicken that was once at the indestructible price of $4.99 has now risen here in Hawaii to $5.99. A couple weeks ago Mr. Pikko sent me a link that said Costco would be raising its prices 15% soon. *sob* Six bucks is still cheap though. I’ll be making soup this week.

I made two onigiri from leftover rice and tucked them into a bed of lettuce. I added the above mentioned chicken skewers, bell peppers, carrots, two kiwi, and some sliced white nectarine. I took the photo on one of my newer fabric. I have a new font too, isn’t it gorgeous? 😀

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  • koolchicken

    Hey, I love your bentos, they’re so cute! I was wondering though, do you still have that Costco link? I also live in Hawaii (Kauai) and do almost all of my shopping there. Thanks : )

  • Molly

    Where do you get your bento gear from? I’ve noticed some items at the 99 (formerly cents) store, but wonder where I could get the star shaped musubi mold because I would like to make your colored star musubis for a sports day my friend’s church is having. And I know you mentioned Mr. Pikko’s friend in Japan sent the nori punches with the facial expressions, but have you ever seen them sold here in Hawaii? Thanks!

  • Pikko


    Molly: I tried to get a star one for my aunty recently, but Marukai didn’t have it. You could try Shirokiya maybe? I think I got mine there. The Nori Punches are available from J-List. You can find some links here:

  • Molly

    Thanks for the quick response!

  • Love your range of bright colors!

  • It’s so bright! 😀

    I happen to have a Sam’s near, so the only chicken I can get is that one and it’s darn good 🙂

  • yay to return of the cute!

  • The colors look great on this one! I’m going to have to try the chicken skewers sometime, they are a lot cuter than plopping a chunk of chicken in a box lol, and the riceballs are adorable too!