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Garden Update

Yesterday Mr. Pikko had Libby’s manapua (DA best!) and pork hash and it was soooooo good. Seriously, if you ever want THE best manapua on the island, Libby’s in Kalihi is the place to go. I haven’t had theirs in a while, but damn it tasted GOOD. I took one for my lunch today, but then I forgot it by the door in my sleepy stupor. *sob* So.. I’m trying to bribe Mr. Pikko to take me to Sumo today. Mmmm. I’m starving already.

With no bento, I decided this was a good time to update everyone on my little container garden.

This is the healthiest watermelon pot of the three. The others just aren’t doing so hot. Unfortunately, these two are growing right next to each other because after stunting the others, I was too scared to transplant these. Hopefully it all works out…

My sugar snap peas seem to be doing really well. I stuck stakes in the pots even though the package says stakes aren’t necessary. They have little feelers growing all over and curling into things, it’s so cute!

Here’s another peas pic. As you can see, I have 3 plants to a pot. This might not have been a good idea, haha! We shall see.

It rained really, REALLY hard on Saturday and my poor plants got pummeled because of the upstairs neighbors’ balcony. It collects rain and then dumps it down to our yard in gigantic drops and so my poor plants were underneath it when it started. I went outside and found my little basil plants with their roots completely exposed and the dirt in the pot was half gone from the sheer force of the water coming down. I got dirt from a small pot that had completely failed and covered them up as best I could. Two seem to have recovered quite well. One looks like he’s not going to make it.

Hopefully I’ll remember to take pics of my lunch today.