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Beef Pasta Bento (261)

I’m still honking out hanabata like crazy, but occassionally I clear up enough to be able to breathe right and boy does that feel SWEET! Yesterday I found nearly a whole box of vienna sausage in the cabinet that expired last month, so I think we’ll be eating shoyu vienna sausage every weekend this month now, haha!

Another thing that’s ticking away in my pantry is a few boxes of Hamburger Helper. One was expiring in December, so I sent Mr. Pikko out to get some hamburger and we had that for dinner. I’ve tried my best to pretty it up so it doesn’t look quite so un-bentoy.


The rice looked pretty plain, so I sprinkled some red ebi flakes onto it. Shrimp doesn’t match taste-wise, but I sprinkled so little of it on that I doubt I’ll be able to taste it. I cut up a baby carrot and chopped it up to sprinkle on top of the Hamburger Helper for color. Next to that I have some Okinawan sweet potato flowers.

On the other side of the box there are slices of nectarine, kiwi, and golden kiwi.

Mr. Pikko has reverted back to his silly version of eating “healthy”, which is basically starving himself all day until dinnertime and then porking out. I’ve decided that he needs some bento loving, so last night I washed the box I bought for him in LA over the summer and will start packing things for him to take to lunch. It probably won’t be enough, but hey, it’s better than eating nothing!