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Star Pizza Bento

Boy, what a week. I’m sorry for the long hiatus, but Halloween programs and Halloween treat bags and Halloween trick or treating and Halloween candy eating (oops, crap!) took up a lot of last week. I ended up too tired most days to make a lunch, plus I got scoldings from the teacher for bringing Baby Girl to school at 8:20 one day, so I really have been skipping bentos in order to get us out the house lately.

Then there was the pumpkin carving contest I’m hosting on Allakhazam. It started out with a little necklace that someone donated to us, but then Square Enix piped in with a gaming PC prize and suddenly the contest was HUGE. We got in over 115 entries and from Friday night to Sunday morning I was making thumbnails and cropping photos and creating wiki pages for entries. I went crazy doing it, seriously. The results were amazing, but next year we’re going to do it differently so I don’t have to do so much work! Gah!

View the entries here.

Then of course, there was the election. Mr. Pikko and I had a day off and the kids DID NOT. Oh baby, score! We stayed home and vegetated like good little state worker vegetables and had a True Blood marathon while we waited for everyone to vote. I don’t want to politicize my food blog too much, so I’ll just say that it definitely was a memorable election day and I’m glad I was around to witness it.

And YEAH BABY, Monday I got my hands on a Wii Fit. I’ve been looking for that frickin’ thing for months now here in Hawaii. All I’d get were deadpan looks and robotic “No-we-do-not-have-any-wii-fits-in-stock-ma’am.” responses. Well my sister-in-law tells me that she got one at Circuit City on Monday! I was like, WHAT!? I called them up and they said they had one left. I made puppy dog faces at Mr. Pikko until he said, “Fine, I’ll wait here.” and then I ZOOMED down to Circuit City, muttering to myself the whole time that it better not sell out in the 5 minutes it takes to drive there. I got there and the guy had it hiding behind the register. Woohoo!

Of course, now that I have one, my kids are hogging it. Yes, my four year old and two year old wish to exercise. The only problem is that Buddy is extremely attached to his Mii. When we let him try the Soccer balance game, he was able to get an astonishing 31 points by himself, only the Wii thought this was a massive failure so his Mii starts crying while pounding his fists on the ground. We sent him to bed and he starts blubbering about how he wants to see himself crying and makes the fist pounding motion. Finally I give in and show it to him again. Later, Mr. Pikko emerges from the bedroom saying that Buddy is crying himself to sleep because his Mii was sad. Call me sick but I found that so cute. lol

I was too lazy to cook, as usual, so we ordered pizza. This morning I cut them into stars with my cookie cutters as tracers.

Star Pizza Bento

I’ve done this before, so it’s nothing special. I put carrot sticks behind to prop things up and added parsley to fill space. The tomatoes were going bad, so I put them in and microwaved them with the pizza for lunch. Turned out very yummy! In a little cup I put some black grapes.

I’m not really sure what I should do about writing this bento book. Do I make bentos but not post them? Do I post them as normal without recipes as usual, but provide them in the book? I feel like I’d be abandoning my blog if I do this book but don’t show pictures. I don’t know what to do with any extra bentos I make. My kids get school lunch and I feel like I’m spending more money if I don’t just let them eat that. I must meditate on this more. Thoughts, anyone?