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Buddy Bento

I forgot I took this photo on Saturday. Buddy fell asleep right before lunch and didn’t wake up until we were leaving to watch my niece’s softball game. His lunch had been waiting for him for two hours so I had to pack it up in a flash and take this photo in secret because we were already very late and I’d have been so busted if hubby knew I was in the house snapping a quick picture. 😀


It’s a very simple lunch due to the time crunch. I’d made them shoyu vienna sausage (a favorite of the kiddos) with rice and so I cut it up and mixed it with rice for one half then added some more of the mini strawberries (sliced while still whole) and some raisins. It’s a lot plainer looking than I would have liked, but I really didn’t know I’d be making a lunch bento for him to eat at 2:30 pm!

I’ve decided to put all my bento pics on my new Flickr account so that I can use the tags to sort them. My domain came back up finally and lots of pictures were missing, so I had to re-upload some of the ones I hadn’t changed over. They should all be displaying properly now.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there!!