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Big Bambucha Bento

Since today’s bento contents pale so much in comparison to my onolicious steak stir fry yesterday, I tried to make up for it’s lameness in size. There’s no way I can eat this all for lunch, so I’ll probably just snack on it occasionally all day.

Big Bambucha Bento

In the top right corner I put some slices of baked Okinawan Sweet Potato. Next to that are rows of broccoli and cauliflower, leftover from Monday’s dinner. Baby carrots and half an ear of corn surround the main part of my meal, lomi lomi salmonLomi lomi salmon is a popular Hawaiian salad made from diced smoked salmon, tomatoes, onions, and green onions.. If you’ve never heard of it or never eaten it, you really should! It’s an all Core dish, very easy to make, and is full of taste! Do a Google search on it and you’ll find tons of recipes. You basically just chop up salted salmon, tomatoes, sweet onion, and green onions then massage all the ingredients together.

In addition to all of this I’m taking a small bento of chopped watermelon. They were finally on sale for 19c a pound at Foodland and I was able to get a nice big seedless Sugarland watermelon for about $3.50! Too bad the darned thing comes with bazillions of little white underdeveloped seeds, which apparently qualify the melon as being “seedless”. Wuteva!