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Pink Panda Bento

As I was frying some of my leftover tuna patties from the freezer this morning, I found out that these don’t keep all that long. Either that or I need to fully defrost them before frying them because they totally fell apart when I cooked them this morning. Thankfully, I was still able to get them into the bento box and they still tasted yummy.

Today I made a pair of pink panda girls. Sadly, I only noticed that I put the face of the front one on crooked when I started eating lunch and by then it was too late to retake any photos. Her poor ear looks all droopy!

Pink Panda Bento

I made the rice pink by using hanaosushi no moto, which is a pink vinegar powder that you mix in with hot rice. To those of you who haven’t tried this before, take my advice and never, ever mix this and let the steam go into your nose!! I wanted to know what it smelled like when I was mixing it and boy did I get a surprise. Since it’s powdered vinegar, the steam packs a mean punch and you’ll start coughing and choking immediately.

Singed nose hairs and no plan at all aside, this was a fairly simple bento. I used plastic wrap to shape their heads and ears, then wrapped the ears in pieces of nori that I wet with water to curve to the shape of a small ball. I used the Chuboos punch for the eyes, nose, and mouth, but cut the eyebrows with a scissors.

Pink Panda Bento

Here’s a closer look at the onigiri. For dessert, I added half a lady apple, a strawberry from our garden that the birds miraculously hadn’t seen yet, and a piece of cauliflower. I used the toothpick that I used for placing the facial features as a pick by putting a piece of sakura mini tape on it. I bought this one at J-Box, but I also found the exact same one at Don Quijote (town store), along with a clover one which will be great for St. Patty’s Day bentos.

I didn’t take process photos because I had no idea what I was doing while making it. Plus, I had no broccoli and for some weird reason having broccoli steadies my bento-making mind. I felt lost without it. 🙁

Total points: 8
Weight today: 146.8 lbs

I have to admit I’ve been slacking on keeping track of my dinners and sometimes my whole days, especially during the weekend! I have to get myself back on track or my weight loss is going to take quite a bit longer than I’d wanted it to!


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  • No bamboo for the panda girls to munch on for their last supper? I kid I kid.

  • The pink panda in front still look cute though 🙂
    Love the pink theme!

  • What a pretty bento! I wouldn’t have noticed the ear if I hadn’t read your comment. Seriously they look beautiful!

  • Demi-Plum

    I think the droopy ear gives her character. I like it ^w^

  • How pretty! I especially love the pink rice :)!

  • So cute your pink…panda? they looked like puppies. hehe!! btw, thanks for your chicken nachos recipe. I made it for my little one’s bday party this past weekend. It was perfect alternative for those who don’t eat red meat. I brought the leftovers to work the next day and they were gone after lunch. It went faster than the zippy’s chili! 🙂

  • These are absolutely adorable. My kids are always reminding me how cute the bento boxes were in Japan. We lived there for a year and my 2 kids went to Japanese school. I was a teacher’s helper. I would wander around the room during lunch and admire the various bento boxes. I cannot wait to see what you have here!

  • Haha! Good point, but then I’d have wasted a whole can of bamboo shoots!

  • Thanks!

  • Haha, wabisabi panda. w

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  • Kiaaaaaaaa! SUPER KAWAI! I don’t see the face crooked though?!

  • sara

    i love broccoli too. but when life happens, broccoli usually goes bad in my fridge. i found frozen organic broccoli at costco (hawaii kai…not sure if they have it at iwilei). don’t know how you feel about frozen broccoli, but i’m the only one in my family to eat raw broccoli, so frozen, then thrown in the microwave or whatever dish i’m cooking works just fine. it’s 4 lbs., but packed in individual 1 lb. bags. comes in very handy. i did notice that in very small letters it says “product of china”. i’m still debating if organic from china is a really bad thing or not.

  • aw I love how you added the pink to the pandas! so kawaii. I am thinking of getting a face punch… too cute.

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  • Emily

    Hi I want to make pink hearts for Valentine’s Day, but where do you get the hanaosushi no moto??